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Re: thumbnails

On 03/01/2008, Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> I plan to make an upload of a newer version of the
> thumbnails/screenshots of the games soon. If anyone wants to add some
> screenshots, please do :)

Hi Miry,

it might be somewhere in the wiki, but at first glance, google directs
me towards [1], which contains [2], but there's no pointer to a wiki
page (which I bet might exist) which could list needed graphics or so.

 1. http://pkg-games.alioth.debian.org/thumbnails/
 2. http://pkg-games.alioth.debian.org/thumbnails/README

You might also want to specify that it's about the source package (isn't
it?), and not one of its binaries.

I might provide you with liquidwars and teg. Any timeframe?


Cyril Brulebois

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