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Re: Uploaders "policy"

2008/1/10, Barry deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net>:

> Miriam,
> Fair enough.  So then do we just keep making updates in SVN and let the
> package sit there until one of the "Uploaders" decides to get around to
> uploading it?

Well, up to now we have not assigned any special responsibility to
Uploaders of a package. In my opinion, the Uploaders list is just
informative, so when someone needs to ask for help about a certain
package, at least they would know some physical person related to it.
It's warmer than just have the games team as a reference.

I haven't think of that before, I'm totally open to opinions about it,
but I don't feel that turning Uploaders into some kind of owners of
the packages in the Team makes sense. My idea is that we have it just
as an informative reference and as a source of knowledge, not as a
"product manager" thingie.

> I'm not trying to be argumentative, I'm just trying to understand the
> "process".

Different opinions are welcome, don't worry. It's the only way to improve :)


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