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Re: Uploaders "policy"

2008/1/9, Barry deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net>:
> Hi folks,
> Vorlon was looking at asc for me due to some SDL issues.  Sounds like he
> is willing to sponsor/upload it but isn't necessarily comfortable that I
> just added myself to uploaders.  Do we have a policy for this?

Well, the current policy regarding that was that the people in the
uploaders fields represent those who are most concerned about a
package, those who have been more involved in its maintenance and, in
general, those to be bothered or contacted when something has to be
done to the package. Something like the responsibles for the package.

The point there is that no packages are lost without someone taking
care of it. Having a team-maintained package without any reference
developer mentioned can be somehow risky, because it can effectively
lead to no one really doing anything in that package. Kind of
difussion of responsibility.

> Should he contact someone?  Sam, maybe you since I hijacked your
> changelog entry??

I never really thought about that. Probably those to be first
contacted should be those already in the Uploaders field, but i think
it would be better if those kind of announcements were somehow public
to the group, and not just private between those listed as uploaders.
In fact, before all the DM stuff, being in the Uploaders field wasn't
really that relevant, but nowadays it might have to be thought about.

Apart from what I've mentioned, I don't think we have a strong policy
about it, AFAIK.


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