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Re: RFS: Kenta Cho's games

On 03/01/2008, Vincent Fourmond <fourmond@debian.org> wrote:
> Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> > Thanks Vincent!!! :)
> >
> > 2008/1/3, Vincent Fourmond <fourmond@debian.org>:
> >
> >>   I've tagged them all. By the way, don't forget to set the
> >> svn-bp:tagsUrl property to the debian/ dir, that helps for tagging. For
> >> val-and-rick:

svn-buildpackage should be smart enough to figure alone out that
information (see the first lines of output when invoking it). Still,
is a good idea to set that property so that any checkout gets that

> >> svn propset svn-bp:tagsUrl
> >> svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-games/packages/tags/val-and-rick debian
> >
> > Does anyone has time to explain how that works? I'm a bit lost with
> > svn-bp properties.
>   I'm no svn-buildpackage expert (especially here ;-)...), but here is
> what I understood:
>   * when you tag a package with svn-buildpackage --svn-tag-only (or
> something similar), it needs to know the URL of the target 'tags' directory.


>   * if you did the original import with svn-inject, then, most probably,
> this information is contained inside a package/.svn/deb-layout file.

Not anymore. Since 0.6.22 that file is no longer automatically created
since it was supposed to act like a cache, but, in fact, it acted like
a stale-data override.

Now the .svn/deb-layout is simply a local override and is not created
automatically. (although there is a way to generate a skeleton via
svn-buildpackage - see option --svn-savecfg - this is just a local

Note: I strongly recommend everyone to erase any .svn/deb-layout files
they find in their checkouts. This command ran in any checkout should
do the right thing:
'find . -name deb-layout -exec rm {} \;'

The recommended way[1] to create now persistent and
distributable/versioned layout information such as "tagsUrl" is to use
svn-bp:* properties.

Note that I plan to modify svn-inject to automatically set this
information at inject time, so is needless to do this manually. You
can file a BR against svn-buildpackage (File: svn-inject), if you feel
like it ;-)

>   * this file does not come with other's people checkouts, so

yes, because that is just a local override ;-)

> svn-buildpackage looks for appropriate properties on the debian/
> directory; see:
>   ~/packages/games/gunroar svn proplist -v debian
> Properties on 'debian':
>   svn-bp:tagsUrl :
> svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-games/packages/tags/gunroar
>   mergeWithUpstream : 1
>   When these properties are set up properly (without a login@... field),
> svn-buildpackage --svn-tag-only works out of the box.

It should also work if they are not present since svn-buildpackage
should be smart enough to detect them. TTBOMK, svn-bp is doing that

>   * to add them, use something like:
> svn propset svn-bp:tagsUrl
> svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-games/packages/tags/gunroar debian

after that a svn commit is needed, so that everyone benefits your change ;-)

>   Is that clear ?

> PS: I'm not sure now, but it seems that quite often, svn-buildpackage
> will guess the right location even without the svn-bp:tagsUrl property.

It should always do it. Not doing it is a bug, namely #433532.

[1]Also, just as a deprecated way, there is the possibility to store
that info in the file debian/svn-deblayout, but since that file will
appear in the source package itself, I am thinking or removing this
possibility altogether in favour of properties.

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