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Re: Possible Transition from SVN to Git?

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> 2) I'd prefer to experimentally handle just a few packages at first,
> and with just one other system than svn for the moment (not git and
> bzr at once). It might be a good idea to handle some newer packages in
> git just to get an idea about whether it would work or not, but it
> could be OK to move some few packages from svn too anyway if it's
> really wanted. As I said, it should be done in a way that anyone in
> the team would be able to work on them too, that means the wiki page
> and so.

I might be willing to offer up kobodeluxe, which is in git.

> 4) If at any point someone would need to download all the packages to
> do some general modification (like that with about the Homepage, for
> example), we could prepare a set of scripts to do so. With some small
> scripts the system should be able to download all the packages from
> the different versioning systems, or upload the changes to all of
> them. Ideas on this?

You could use mr for this if you wanted to. The .mrconfig would look
something like:

checkout = svn co svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-games/packages games

# This would not be the final url, but works currently.
checkout = git clone git://git.kitenet.net/joey/packages/kobodeluxe

# All other games with individual repos listed here...

And to check out all repos:

mr -c /path/to/.mrconfig checkout

To update all repos / the repo your cd'd to:

mr -c /path/to/.mrconfig update

To commit changes to all repos / the repo your cd'd to:

mr -c /path/to/.mrconfig commit

> 7) If we move packages from a versioning system to another, I don't
> want their history and logs to be lost. Is it possible to do so?

> Joey, would you consider joining the Team if we decided to use git?
> What changes in the repository would you suggest to be comfortable
> with? I must say that I personally wouldn't like to have the package
> source out of debian/ in the repositories to be honest, but apart from
> that?

I'm very attached to having the upstream source in revision control,
especially since as more upstreams use git, you get the possibility to
have the very nice setup that the X strike force has where their git
is just a branch off of upstream's.

Some people including Martin Kraaft are working on a setup where debian is
in one git repository and the upstream source in a separate one that
is tied together with submodules, but git doesn't seem ready for this
to be a very usable way to package yet.

see shy jo

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