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Re: Possible Transition from SVN to Git?

After giving some thoughts about having a git or bzr repository in the
games team, I guess I have a point of view about it. I think it might
be a good idea to start experimentally handling some packages in git
(or bzr), as long as:

1) Someone has to explain briefly but clearly, preferably in a wiki
page, the minimal steps how to obtain the latest sources from the
repository and how to upload modifications to them, so that it won't
be a problem for newbies to join the team. I myself don't know much
about handling stuff in git or bzr either.

2) I'd prefer to experimentally handle just a few packages at first,
and with just one other system than svn for the moment (not git and
bzr at once). It might be a good idea to handle some newer packages in
git just to get an idea about whether it would work or not, but it
could be OK to move some few packages from svn too anyway if it's
really wanted. As I said, it should be done in a way that anyone in
the team would be able to work on them too, that means the wiki page
and so.

3) From what I've seen, the idea might not really be to move to a
newer versioning system, but to have different repository systems at
once. I don't really consider this to be a huge problem (as long as
the basic howto is documented, as I said), but it might make it harder
to implement ACLs (if desired) in the future or things like that, so
I'd like to have an open discussion on the pros and cons about having
one single system vs. multiple ones at some point.

4) If at any point someone would need to download all the packages to
do some general modification (like that with about the Homepage, for
example), we could prepare a set of scripts to do so. With some small
scripts the system should be able to download all the packages from
the different versioning systems, or upload the changes to all of
them. Ideas on this?

5) I'd prefer if similar packages shared the same versioning system
and repositories, for example all Kenta Cho's games should be handled
in a similar way, all Quake-related stuff that might be considered to
be related, and so on.

6) As Vincent said, each package should be in just one repository. No
redundancy allowed, as it would only be a source of problems.

7) If we move packages from a versioning system to another, I don't
want their history and logs to be lost. Is it possible to do so?

Eddy, Gonéri, Sam, Rhonda, any thoughts on this?

Joey, would you consider joining the Team if we decided to use git?
What changes in the repository would you suggest to be comfortable
with? I must say that I personally wouldn't like to have the package
source out of debian/ in the repositories to be honest, but apart from

Of course this is just the opening of a discussion about it, do not
take this mail as if any decision has been taken or anything like
that, it's just my personal opinion on the subject at the moment. I'm
a bit concerned about in what way our way of doing things might change
if we decide to go ahead, and what the pros and cons would be, but I'm
not scared of innovation, so I'm open to it if it's worth it. We're a
dynamic team after all.


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