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Re: Using a script to generate orig tarball

On Jan 2, 2008 12:45 AM, Emmet Hikory <emmet.hikory@gmail.com> wrote:
>     That's just exchanging make semantics for shell semantics.  I like
> get-orig-source as it is documented as the appropriate target in
> policy, and so reduces the number of Games-Team specific pieces of
> knowledge one needs to track.  If one has debian/, it's just a matter
> of calling debian/rules get-orig-source to collect an updated
> orig.tar.gz (where implemented).  While this may not be available in
> every case, I suspect the same would be true for any other
> script-based method.  For orig.tar.gz files already uploaded, the
> repositories are a good common source of the right tarball (as these
> cannot be changed without rename).

What I had a problem with is that svn-buildpackage won't run
debian/rules without the orig tarball existing in origDir first. It
could be done manually, but I wanted svn-buildpackage to take care of
this automatically. I thought it best to allow the use of a script
just as there's the ability to download the tarball directly.

Also, the patch I submitted would allow the use of any kind of script.
It should be possible to use a makefile as the script as well.
Shouldn't you be able to call another makefile in get-orig-source as
well as allow using a standalone makefile to download the source?

For tarballs already uploaded, great. You can force the use of origUrl
if the patch I submitted gets used. That's only considering a package
gets accepted, or someone has uploaded the tarball. Some packages
however have huge orig tarballs. vegastrike-data, alien-arena-data,
and warsow-data are examples. It's just too much of a pain to have to
upload those orig tarballs from a network with a slow upload

> > As far as having the script either be the application of the watch
> > file, does this mean having uscan/uupdate call the script?
>     No, rather using `uscan --force-download` in place of a script
> where a working watch file exists,  the package is in sync with
> upstream (or intended to be so after update), and no repack is
> required.  In the case where the package is not in sync with upstream,
> the repository orig.tar.gz is a better choice (either SVN or mirror
> repository: doesn't really matter).  In the case where a repack is
> required, get-orig-source is a better mechanism.  In the case where
> the watch file is broken, this is a bug (see thread at (1)).

Ok. Honestly, I don't use it much besides as a way to have dehs do
their reports. I'll have to see what else it could do.

By the way, I'm currently revising and testing svn-buildpackage to
allow the use of options for debOrigScript as well. I'll post another
patch to the bug report I submitted as soon as I'm done.

Andres Mejia

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