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Re: RFS: prboom (updated package)

Marco Rodrigues wrote:
> Hi!
> First of all, I like to say sorry about what happened days ago that Rhonda
> already reported here.. I checked today, that my svn access is disabled, that's
> ok, I deserve it.
> I just tried to help, bumping compat version of all packages to version 5. We
> need to update things, I don't have tested all packages ofcourse, but in a next
> release of each package that will be tested by the maintainer/uploader(s), and
> it shouldn't give so much trouble, because for every package I've worked, it
> works fine with version 5.

Are you aware of the differnces between the two, or did you just bumped that and
hoped everything would be fine?

> The problem is.. I changed some files and after I do a commit.. thinking I'm
> only updating a file, it updates others too, that I've changed in others
> packages, before the commit :-(

That sounds like an organization issue which you and only you have to fix
without making others suffer about that.

> The watch files, I tried to fix some of them, others I recognize I've failed my
> intention, I need to be more careful and test them first, I only checked the

You should test *everything* you commit, even if that would be done as "commit
first then immediately test afterwards", but it should be done.

> About prboom, it's working well with my updates (that I cannot submit to svn),
> I think..

how about you document on that before replying? how about you do thinking before
acting? generally speaking, it seems to be a problem for you.

> What I need to do to have svn access again? I promise I'll be more careful about

- you have to fix the issues you have first without dragging us all into this
and sucking our time while why try to police you.
- try submitting good, completeand tested patches to our packages; do that for a
while and you might have a chance at getting back some trust from our side

> everything I change and add it to changelog when the change deserves that.

I don't think as a team we can trust your promises now; you'll have to prove
that by real work.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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