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Re: Few questions


Barry deFreese wrote:
> 3.  When to build a package and submit?  I'm still not clear on this.
> For example I made some updates to ketm.  At what point do I build a
> package and submit it?

  I'm not an old guy in the team, even if I'm a DD, so take my opinion
for what it is, mine. If the updates you did are fixing a reported bug,
or something you think should deserve a real bugreport, you just wait
until the package got into testing (unless you're fixing something that
prevents it to go to testing, in which case you can ask right now).

  For other improvements, such as debian/rules cleanups, typos,
watchfiles, I think there is no need to upload quickly - wait for a
bugfix or a new upstream release.

  Once again, this is my opinion.



Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer
-- pretty boring signature, isn't it ?

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