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Re: Including Ubuntu people in our Team

On Wednesday 30 May 2007 19:53, Heretik wrote:
> Frits Daalmans a écrit :
> > Talking about tremulous:
> >
> > A french guy once e-mailed me to get the gtkradiant data for tremulous in
> > (so that you can also make tremulous maps with gtkradiant); I think his
> > name was Salokine; did he get back to any of you?
> Yes, I discussed it with him. I haven't had any news recently though.
> I'll contact him again to know what's up with it.
> > I had to tell him that gtkradiant itself wasn't even in debian yet.
> > If I have time tonight or tomorrow I'll see if i can update the current
> > version on mentors.debian.net; I still think it would be nice to have in
> > debian.
> Are you saying you're looking for a sponsor for gtkradiant ?
Yes :-)

I've just updated gtkradiant in the pkg-games repository, but now I have 
forgotten where to upload the new tarball. IIRC it was not meant to go into 
the subversion trunk at all but to be scp'ed somewhere else.

Version 1.5.0.svn20070511-1 compiles and runs on Debian Etch, not yet tested 
in an unstable pbuilder (used to be OK). Lintian and linda are happy.
Once tried piuparts which was also happy.

I've tested this new version on a small home-brew Nexuiz level. GtkRadiant's 
generated level building script (qe3bsp.sh) doesn't work yet (wrong 
executable path) but I'll look into that tomorrow if I have time.

I've uploaded the i386 .deb to 
in the meantime.

Good night!
> --
> Heretik

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