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Re: Platform for strategy/simulation games

Kevin Mark wrote:

> On Sun, May 27, 2007 at 03:44:36PM +0200, Tobias Nadler wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am working on a program (called "MyUniverse") that has reached a
>> point, where it can show its very basic abilities, but still needs
>> much programming effort to fullfill its aims. It is a platform for
>> strategy/simulation games with a diagonal view onto the map.
>> What I want to say with "platform" here is, that the application as a
>> such cannot start a game, but requires plugins to do the simulation.
>> It offers an API for the plugins on the one hand, and handles the GUI
>> on the other hand, so that one does not need to take care of the GUI
>> when developing a plugin. It is also possible to have many plugins
>> working in one game-session, where each plugin has a different job
>> (i.e. one to simulate the nature, one to simulate a city's traffic,
>> one to settle people...). This allows a modular process of
>> development, which could offer new abilities for the open-source
>> community.
>> I know that there are some quite good FLOSS simulation games already,
>> but the ressources of events/surprises/tactics that keep a game
>> interesting for long are limited. Concluding these ressources would
>> improve the situation. With the plugin concept, cooperation between
>> plugin developers would be very much easier than between developers
>> of independent games.
>> The platform could be used for "just for fun"-games, but also for
>> very realistic simulations (making it useful for edutainment).
>> I have made some more information availible on my homepage:
>>  http://www.lrz.de/~tobiasnadler/myuniverse/index.html
>> Up to now I have been working on it in order to get some experience
>> in C++-plugin-development, but also to possibly contribute a little
>> to the free software movement. Now the time has come where the
>> learning purpose vanishes and I would like to know whether it makes
>> sense to continue with the development, hopefully together with the
>> open source community.
>> What do you think about this project and its intentions?
> Without seeing what you have done, I can make a few comments. If you
> make your project use a 'free software' license, then this allows for
> folks to start to use your work in what ever way they want/can. So, once
> its released as such, and you give it some advertisement, like the
> above, folks will start to 'kick the tires' and see what they can do
> with it, even if its not a '1.0' version yet. If folks find it
> interesting , they will give you feed back. That is part of the 'loop'
> for free software developemtn. You can also look at the
> debian-mentors.net site, if you want more help on making a better debian
> package.

Thank you for your comments.
Of course I publish it as free software (GPL/LGPL), currently only on my
homepage (I am thinking about moving it to alioth or sourceforge when folks
want to contribute).
Making a debian package is not important now, because it is still far away
from being usable.

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