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Platform for strategy/simulation games


I am working on a program (called "MyUniverse") that has reached a
point, where it can show its very basic abilities, but still needs
much programming effort to fullfill its aims. It is a platform for
strategy/simulation games with a diagonal view onto the map.
What I want to say with "platform" here is, that the application as a
such cannot start a game, but requires plugins to do the simulation.
It offers an API for the plugins on the one hand, and handles the GUI
on the other hand, so that one does not need to take care of the GUI
when developing a plugin. It is also possible to have many plugins
working in one game-session, where each plugin has a different job
(i.e. one to simulate the nature, one to simulate a city's traffic,
one to settle people...). This allows a modular process of
development, which could offer new abilities for the open-source
I know that there are some quite good FLOSS simulation games already,
but the ressources of events/surprises/tactics that keep a game
interesting for long are limited. Concluding these ressources would
improve the situation. With the plugin concept, cooperation between
plugin developers would be very much easier than between developers
of independent games.

The platform could be used for "just for fun"-games, but also for
very realistic simulations (making it useful for edutainment).

I have made some more information availible on my homepage:

Up to now I have been working on it in order to get some experience
in C++-plugin-development, but also to possibly contribute a little
to the free software movement. Now the time has come where the
learning purpose vanishes and I would like to know whether it makes
sense to continue with the development, hopefully together with the
open source community.

What do you think about this project and its intentions?


Tobias Nadler

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