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Re: FretsOnFire

On Mon, 12 Feb 2007, Jason Spiro wrote:

The explanation Miriam had seems rather odd---if they copyright holders
agree to licence them the agency which was linked to should have nothing
to do with it. OTOH, if they are using songs which aren't original by
them, there could be a problem.

What explanation? What agency?

Ah, it was sent to -games and not the bug:

In a previous mail:

""" Oh, and about the songs used in the game, I'm afraid we can't give
those up for redistribution due to the regulations of the Finnish
Composers' Copyright Society

We would have to buy a licence from them to allow the songs to be
redistributed, even for free-of-charge distribution. In my opinion it's
insane, but those are the rules. So I guess the Debian package will have
to be made so that it downloads the songs from our webserver upon
installation. Would that work okay? """

If the authors licence them for redistribution then teosto should have
nothing to do with it, but I'm not au fait with the finer points of
Finnish copyright law.


Matthew Johnson

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