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Re: FretsOnFire

Miriam Ruiz wrote:

> In a previous mail:
> """
> Oh, and about the songs used in the game, I'm afraid we can't give those up 
> for redistribution due to the regulations of the Finnish Composers' Copyright 
> Society 
> (http://www.teosto.fi/teosto/webpages.nsf/mainpages/etusivu_englanti?opendocument).
> We would have to buy a licence from them to allow the songs to be 
> redistributed, even for free-of-charge distribution. In my opinion it's 
> insane, but those are the rules. So I guess the Debian package will have to 
> be made so that it downloads the songs from our webserver upon installation. 
> Would that work okay?
> """
> Any thoughts about this? I might be able to find a musician to make the
> replacements, but it's taking time.

>From my reading it sounds like there's no problem. Teosto is just a
blanket licensing organisation that covers things such as radio,
nightclubs, public performance (of other people's works i.e. covers) and
other compulsary or mass licensing.

So, it all depends on where the songs came from. The composer/artist of
the songs can license the songs under the same license as the rest of
the game is and Teosto would never be in the picture.

IMHO, IANAL (especially not a finnish one), etcetera.

Sander Marechal

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