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RE: FretsOnFire

--- Matthew Johnson <debian@matthew.ath.cx> escribió:

> I'd be surprised if Finnish copyright law said that even if the artist
> agreed. OTOH, the artist might not have given permission.

Me too, but I don't have a clue about their laws. Maybe en intermediate is
needed between artist and distributor, or something like that. No idea.

According to Sami Kyostila (upstream):

The latest release contains an updated copying.txt
file which should now cover all files. All the OGG files under data/songs,
including the tutorial, cannot unfortunately be distributed, but the other
files there are free. The short sounds effect OGG files are also free,
since they are not considered to be songs by the Finnish Composers'
Copyright Association. The terms for the font files are a bit unclear,
though, and will probably need to be replaced with free alternatives.

In a previous mail:

Oh, and about the songs used in the game, I'm afraid we can't give those up 
for redistribution due to the regulations of the Finnish Composers' Copyright 

We would have to buy a licence from them to allow the songs to be 
redistributed, even for free-of-charge distribution. In my opinion it's 
insane, but those are the rules. So I guess the Debian package will have to 
be made so that it downloads the songs from our webserver upon installation. 
Would that work okay?

Any thoughts about this? I might be able to find a musician to make the
replacements, but it's taking time.

> I'm certainly interested in helping out. I'm not a DD yet, but when my
> advocate is free I'm going to start NM.

No problem :)

Do you want me to add you to the group? Please tell me your Alioth's login
name :)


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