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Re: Proposal: Fixing non-free content issues via installer packages

At 1155564367 past the epoch, Linas Žvirblis wrote:
> Eddy Petrişor wrote:
> > I will. I suppose you are willing to work on such a
> > project, I am willing, too, is there anybody else
> > willing to get involved in implementing this?
> I personally think we should discourage distributing
> non-free content.

Such a package installer would go in contrib, and would fix
some bugs with packages in main e.g. #280045. I like to
leave it to be the user's choice. 

> >>> Maybe we should implement some abstract retriever
> >>> which would take the files from the local file system,
> >>> a CD or a site ... you name it. The user would choose
> >>> where from to get the file
> 'quake2-data' seems to be doing just that.

Yup: in preinst/postrm with debconf questions.

> The last time I checked, prompting user via something
> other than Debconf was considered evil.

In {pre,post}/{inst,rm} yes: but what I think is the best
approach is to have a userspace program that builds the .deb
for the user to install (or backup, copy elsewhere, etc.)
themselves, like java-package does (or did).

Jon Dowland

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