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Re: tarballs - why in SVN?

 --- Alexander Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org> escribió:

> Hi!
> * Reinhard Tartler <siretart@tauware.de> [060814 12:35]:
> > I'd prefer having the full source in svn. At least for the packages
> > 'scorched3d' and 'openal', possibly for 'freealut' as well. 
> May I ask why?  We rarely change anything of upstream, and even then the
> consesus seems to be to use some kind of patch management system.  So
> why do we put the full source under version control?

Is that the consensus?

>From the mails at the beginning of the group I got the impression that using a
versioning system made it unneccesary to use dpatch or similar, as diffs of
the stored files could be obtained easily from SVN. In fact, dpatch makes the
code quite confusing when you're analizing it.

What's the general idea about using a patch management system? Is it good or


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