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Re: Proposal: Fixing non-free content issues via installer packages

Eddy Petrişor wrote:

> *I* think that DFSG 4 is more important than most think, and think
> that the way is phrased is the way the order should be.

Not sure I understand what you mean by that.

> OTOH, it will be not as straight forward to install those data files
> as it is with free ones (where apt* is used), so I think it will be
> discourging anyway.

So this is going to be a sort of stand-alone package manager? Something
I install, run, and it presents me with a list of... stuff? Or something
like 'java-package', or maybe 'quake2-data'? I am a bit confused.

>> 'quake2-data' seems to be doing just that.
> In that case we should look in that direction, right?

Maybe. It does not do anything magic though, usual {pre|post}{inst|rm}
stuff. And the amount of black magic required to make it work is not
very encouraging.

I am not that bad of a coder, but this stuff simply freaks me out.

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