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glest package - an analysis

#I'll take this, in the name of the Debian Games Team
owner 350391 !


I have looked over the glest package in REVU and tried to compile the
package. I don't know what happens with this package, but it FTBFS for

These are the issues I have seen:
- build depends on libxerces26-dev (debian has 27)
- not gcc 4.1 ready (lots of extraqualification erros)
- !!! the build process does *not* stop at any of these errors !!!
- the glest binary is, of course, not created because many object
files are broken, thus the dh_install rule fails when looking for that
- I think there are some places where the result of a rule in a target
is ignored, which might be problematic

I'll try to package this game after I test it some more ;-)

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