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Re: Pending uploads

Le 27/6/2006, "Eddy Petrişor" <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com> a écrit:

>I have added to the tracker a request for upload of the Oolite package[1].
>Until now, there are two upload requests listed the tracker, but many
>others are not added there.
>This is the list I know to be the most updated one:
> blockattack (were its issues solved?)
Yes the license is is fixed on the SVN.
I'm in touch with upstream to package 1.2.0. I did SCons scripts for
him. Since 1.1.2, Blockattack support network gaming thinks to libenet.
libenet wasn't packaged before in Debian. I did the package and it have
to be uploaded first. I don't have experience on packaging library,
help is welcome.



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