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Re: Bug#372765: holotz-castle, help needed

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Hello Miri,

[to Miriam: see the bottom of the message]

Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
>> I couldn't reproduce it on my machine, thus we will need some help
>> from somebody with a amd64 machine.
> Since I have an amd64, maybe I can help you to track it down?

yes, thanks, that was a hope of mine, that you would help :-)

>> About the build issue, did you tried to get the source again
>> (apt-get source holotz-castle) and rebuild after setting and
>> exporting the DEB_BUILD_OPTS=nostrip ?
> 1. I tried rebuilding 1.3.8-1.1 and it built now (again).
> 2. It runs just fine, even without .holotz-castle directory, so I
>    guess the bug was a transient build problem (probably some library
>    was too old on the buildd?)

Note that nostrip will create a debug version of the game.

>> Did you tried to reproduce the bug with a non-debug version built by yourself?
> Yes, I just did and it works now.
> It also works with the binaries as provided by Debian now.

ok, nice :-)

>> Also, please export LANG=C before giving examples.
> I did set LANG=C before reporting, as you can see, I even went inside
> the pipe to get the proper language set for the example. I do try to
> provide english error messages, if possible. Sorry if that last line
> of the full build confused you, I assumed my explanation was obvious
> that this was the full build (from the test case shown previously).

Yes, it was, but I saw some German text, so I wanted to make sure you don't
forget that. I guess you are a good guy :-).

> P.S. When I submitted the bug, I got a mail with the following
>      content:
> Your mail to 'Pkg-games-devel' with the subject
> Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.

Miri, since you are the administrator for that list, could you remove the
moderation or whitelist the BTS (although I fear users of it should be
whitelisted). I think something like "@bugs.debian.org" can be specified.

Please ask for help, if you think you need it.

> Could you *please* white-list the BTS or suppress this message? Btw., I
Sorry for that.

> did not (and do not want to!) receive a notification of the
> moderator's decision. And I see no reason to cancel a submitted bug
> either. (I think there was an article about lists as debian maintainer
> a while ago in the DWN, discussing these issues).

I agree, this thing was discussed before, probably Miri was busy.

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