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Re: Our SVN layout is not that smart OR should we change the SVN layout? (take 2)

On Sat, Jun 24, 2006 at 10:23:24AM +0300, Eddy Petri??or wrote:
> One of the goals of the team, IMO, is to have at least a common
> standard for what should our packages provide, thus I feel that all
> games should have correct watch files (where applicable) menu files
> and desktop files.

I agree.

> Adding support for all of these at once for all packages it is nearly
> impossible without filling the harddisk with all branches and
> realeases of all the games.
> Thus, I propose the following layout:

Looks good to me.

> P.S.: shouldn't we add something like a "dropped" directory for the
> likes of "cube"? I thought of deleting it, but it would have the risk
> of people not reusing the work which has been done in case a new
> voluteer appears.

IMO this must indeed be documented, but svn is not the place to do so.  The
wiki is much better for that I think.  Of course it must be in a place where
people look before they start packaging.  I would personally start packaging
at my own hd and only after that move it into svn, so for me at least that
wouldn't work anyway.  I might however check the wiki to see if it was already


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