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Re: using the SVN repository

> >    I would like to put most of my packages on Alioth and since I
> > maintain more than 20 games, I thought putting a few of them in the
> > pkg-games SVN repository would be a good idea, even if I do not feel
> > like co-maintaining them at the moment (though I usually welcome
> > bugfixes and NMUs).
> I think at the moment everything in our repository is implicitly
> co-maintained.  We can change that, of course, but I suppose it'd be good to
> have some consensus before uploading the packages.
> Do we need a separate subdir for non-co-maintained packages?  Or is just
> having yourself (and not the team (and we really should have a better name))
> set in the Maintainer:-field enough?  I think I'd prefer a directory, to
> avoid
> unused work (that is, changes which are not accepted by the maintainer).

I'd prefer havind not-comaintained packages in a different directory too, so
people do not get confused. In addition, not setting the maintainer field to
the group list will make us not receive the BTS messages unless we subscribe
to those packages.

If we create a directory for non-comaintained packages, we might also think
about whether we want to include or exclude commit messages from those
messages to te -commits list.

About the name, even thought "Debian Games Team" is good enough for me, people
seem to prefer a more creative one. I'd like one that it's neutral enough for
including most kind of games and gamers. I've been suggested "Ministry of
Entertainment" or things like that. Any suggestions? In any case, we should
better a common name for all the packages, I guess.

> >    My Alioth login is "sho". Should I contact the project admins
> > directly, or is this list OK?
> The admins read this list, so that should work.

I can add you to the group if you want, just tell me :)


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