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Re: using the SVN repository

On Sun, May 14, 2006 at 06:16:53AM +0200, Sam Hocevar wrote:
>    How are you gentlemen.

Good day.  There're ladies here, too, though. ;-)

>    I would like to put most of my packages on Alioth and since I
> maintain more than 20 games, I thought putting a few of them in the
> pkg-games SVN repository would be a good idea, even if I do not feel
> like co-maintaining them at the moment (though I usually welcome
> bugfixes and NMUs).

I think at the moment everything in our repository is implicitly
co-maintained.  We can change that, of course, but I suppose it'd be good to
have some consensus before uploading the packages.

Do we need a separate subdir for non-co-maintained packages?  Or is just
having yourself (and not the team (and we really should have a better name))
set in the Maintainer:-field enough?  I think I'd prefer a directory, to avoid
unused work (that is, changes which are not accepted by the maintainer).

>    My Alioth login is "sho". Should I contact the project admins
> directly, or is this list OK?

The admins read this list, so that should work.


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