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Re: RFS: Mupen64 -- Nintendo 64 emulator and plugins

On Thursday 04 May 2006 07:30, Jon Dowland wrote:
> I had a few problems accessing some files:
> http://rschultz.ath.cx/debian/unstable/mupen64_0.5.dfsg-1_i386.changes
> (403)

Ack, sorry about that. Weird permissions... should be fixed now.

> Also, should the package be in contrib/games rather than (main)/games?
> Without any free ROMs to play (or am I mistaken there)?

There are some free (not liberty) demo ROMs with the main Mupen64 
distribution, and that sort of thing was good enough to allow PCSX in main. 
There are probably demos with source out there somewhere, too, but I haven't 
looked recently. Anyway, I like to think that perhaps someone will use the 
emulator to develop their own game, so there's no real dependency on a game 
anyway. That way, there's no legal mess :- )

Ryan Schultz
"Rise above oneself and grasp the world." -- Archimedes

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