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Re: RFC: screenshot in packages


On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 11:36:52PM +0200, Gon??ri Le Bouder wrote:
> > So over all, cool idea, but probably not so easy to do.  If we decide we
> > want it, it must be discussed on debian-devel (where people are likely less
> > interested, but still see the problems).
> Thank you for your interest.
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2006/04/msg00915.html

The reply on that one (setting this up in parallel to the current system)
seems very doable, and would be a good idea, I think.  What we would need:
- Some space on a reliable machine with enough bandwidth.  Can alioth be used
  for something like this?  Or can a DD put it on his/her Debian homepage?
  I'm not sure how much load it will generate, and which machines would be
  best for handling that.
- A format for the Pixmaps file (the part that should be in Packages, but
  won't be until it's proven itself).
- A patch for Synaptic to start (and later the D-I as well).
- And of course the pixmaps.

It would probably be good to make this work similarly to debtags, where anyone
can submit changes to the database.  With debtags, all those changes are
hand-reviewed, which is a bottleneck.  It's probably better to allow DDs (with
a signed e-mail) to send updates directly.

I think it's important to make submitting pixmaps as easy as possible, because
we want them to do this work for us. :-)


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