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Re: RFC: screenshot in packages


On Sun, Apr 23, 2006 at 02:18:01AM +0200, Gon?ri Le Bouder wrote:
> On a game project websites, in general the most visited are the screenshot. 
> That's IMO because it give a good overview of the game. I know that it's 
> sometime biased (e.g: nethack)

A screenshot of nethack also tells a lot.  Some people will know they don't
like it, and they will be right.  People who might like it are likely to at
least read the text with the image. :-)

> but in general a screenshot is better that the limited description provided
> in the Debian control file.

I agree.

> I think that tools like synaptic should be able to provided a screenshot of 
> the game in the description

That would be nice, but... the Packages file is already huge.  I regularly
update my (sid) system, and usually getting the Packages file is the longest
part of the process.  If you want to have pictures with the description, they
must be downloaded with the Packages file, which makes it a lot slower still.

> and it could be cool if the new graphic Debian installer was able to show a
> picture of the application during its installation.

On the one hand, that should be more feasable, because there are fewer
installer components.

> To do that first packages should provide a screen shot in a place 
> like /usr/share/screenshots/.

That will only work after download.  If you want it to work in synaptic, you
need a Image: field in Packages, and the images must be downloaded directly
from the mirrors.

> The size and the format must be standard. For example a 640x480 8bits
> picture to avoid a too big file size.

File size is a problem indeed.  I think if it's done at all, thumbnails are
the best we can get.  That means something like 160x120x8 at most.

So over all, cool idea, but probably not so easy to do.  If we decide we want
it, it must be discussed on debian-devel (where people are likely less
interested, but still see the problems).


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