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Re: Wormux 0.7.1-1


* Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> [060426 19:17]:

> >>- debian/control
> >>  - if your package is in the pkg-games svn repo, and sponsored by an
> >>    member of that team, shouldn't the mainter set to them and you just
> >>    an uploader?
> > For the moment, it is not sponsored by anyone. So, you say I am the
> > Uploader, aren't you the Maintainer ?
> IMO Alexander was wrong here.  There's no field for sponsors.  Either
> the package is team-maintained by the debian-games list (however it is
> called), then the list address should be in the maintainer field, with
> the people who mostly care about it (DDs or non-DDs) in the Uploaders:
> Field.  Or it is maintained only by you, or you and a couple of people
> without connection to such a list.  Then you should be in the Maintainer
> field, and the possible others (or nobody) in the Uploaders field. 

Sorry, I might have worded that wrong.
Let me rephrase that:

Since your package is in pkg-games svn repo (, and since you got your
possible sponsor via a mail on our list); there are more people than you
having write access to it, don't we?

Therefore I think it's in fact a team maintained package, I think it
would be usefull to have pkg-games-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org as the
Maintainer: (so we'll get bug reports and other usefull stuff send to
that list) and you as Uploader: (since you prepared that upload).
However, that it's a question I ask, not a request you must fulfill.

Yours sincerely,


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