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freedroidrpg looks interesting: a possible candidate to adopt?

See http://freedroid.sf.net/




This is a fairly minimal package using cdbs.  I haven't yet reviewed the
work, so I don't know what shape it is in.

Confusingly, the final release version# is 0.9.13, which is less than
0.9.13rc3, but fortunately since there is no release yet in Debian, this
won't matter.  Just beware if you download the upstream release yourself
to try it out that this is the case.

I have filed a request against the debian bug# shown above asking about
the status of the ITP.  I checked in db.debian.org and found that Daniel
is not a DD.  I wonder if our group could adopt this package to get it
into Debian?  I am carrying more packages than I can handle on my own at
the moment, but wouldn't mind helping get this in shape for at least an
initial release.

I'm told by a user that development upstream is essentially dead, but
that the package works.  Perhaps we could stimulate some interest to
help resume development.


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