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Subjective newbie-style informal install report of Etch desktop in French

Today, in order to test the French task in taskel, I installed a
default desktop system in French.

First of all, it works..:-)

I end up with a very well localized and French-only system. The
perfect heaven...

GDM login screen is localized, the crappy french keyboard works,
actually I would say the the whole install just rocked and went
flawlessly (beware, this was in VmWare, so no hardware related issue).

The system uses 2.2GB on the hard disk.

Gnome is the default and KDE is not installed (it can get installed by
preseeding tasksel, IIRC...or this was because KDE might not be
installable in testing right now. I don't know).

OOo was properly localized in French. So are all parts of Gnome that
have a localization.

Firefox is not localized, but that's because firefox-locale-fr was
missing in the frnech-desktop task. I added it to tasksel's SVN

Only rant: still a random theme in GDM. Between two themes actually,
it seems, but bleh... I'd really like to see a nice Debian theme being
used on the default installs.


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