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Re: Debian Birthday in Netcraft

Quoting Christian Surchi (csurchi@debian.org):
> From Netcraft newsletter and web site:
> Debian Linux distribution 10 years old today
> http://news.netcraft.com/archives/2003/08/16/debian_linux_distribution_10_years_old_today.html
> I'm not so sure about the value of their Debian geographical
> distribution, maybe... :-)

Wow.....According to this chart, about a third of hosts running Debian
are in France.. :-)

For sure, several major web hosting and Internet Access Providers run
Debian hosts for their key servers here....but I  think this graph is
somewhat wrong anyway..

I like "having a significant following in the former Iron Curtain
countries". So the two major "former Iron Curtain" countries seem to
be France and Germany.. :-)

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