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Accepted a52dec 0.7.4-13 (source amd64) Accepted abby (source i386) Accepted abby 0.4.7-1 (source i386) Accepted abiword 2.8.1-2 (source all i386) Accepted acct 6.5.1-1 (source amd64) Accepted ace 5.6.3-6 (source all amd64) Accepted acidbase 1.4.4-2 (source all) Accepted acidbase 1.4.4-3 (source all) Accepted ack-grep 1.92-1 (source all) Accepted acl2 3.6-1 (source all i386) Accepted acpid 1.0.10-5 (source amd64) Accepted acpid 1:2.0.0-1 (source amd64) Accepted acpi-support 0.130-2 (source all amd64) Accepted acpi-support 0.131-1 (source all amd64) Accepted acpi-support 0.131-2 (source all amd64) Accepted acpi-support 0.131-3 (source all amd64) Accepted acpi-support 0.131-4 (source all amd64) Accepted acpi-support 0.131-5 (source all amd64) Accepted adacontrol 1.9r4-4 (source amd64) Accepted adanaxisgpl 1.2.5.dfsg.1-3 (source all i386) Accepted adblock-plus 1.1.2-1 (source all) Accepted adduser 3.112 (source all) Accepted adonthell 0.3.5-3 (source i386) Accepted adonthell 0.3.5-4 (source i386) Accepted 0.81-2 (source i386) Accepted aegis 4.24.2-3 (source all amd64) Accepted afflib 3.5.4+dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted afflib 3.5.5+dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted alarm-clock 1.2.5-1 (source i386) Accepted alarm-clock-applet 0.2.6-2 (source i386) Accepted alevt 1:1.6.2-3 (source amd64) Accepted alien 8.79 (source all) Accepted almanah 0.6.1-4 (source powerpc) Accepted alpine 2.00+dfsg-5 (source i386) Accepted alpine 2.00+dfsg-6 (source i386) Accepted alsaplayer 0.99.80-5 (source i386) Accepted alsoft-conf 1.4.3-1 (source i386) Accepted amarok 2.2.2~beta1-1 (source all amd64 i386) Accepted amide 0.9.2-1 (source i386) Accepted amideco 0.31e-3.1 (source i386) Accepted ampache 3.5.3-1 (source all) Accepted ams 2.0.0-1 (source amd64) Accepted amsynth 1.2.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted amule 2.2.6+debian0-1 (source i386 all) Accepted amule 2.2.6+debian0-2 (source i386 all) Accepted and 1.2.2-3 (source i386) Accepted ansel1 1.1+debian0-1 (source all) Accepted anyremote 5.0+dfsg-2 (source all amd64) Accepted anytun 0.3.2-1 (source i386) Accepted anytun 0.3.2-2 (source i386) Accepted aolserver4 4.5.1-10 (source all i386) Accepted aolserver4 4.5.1-11 (source all i386) Accepted aolserver4 4.5.1-9 (source all i386) Accepted apache2 2.2.14-4 (source all i386) Accepted apbs 1.2.1b-1 (source amd64) Accepted apgdiff 1.4-1 (source all) Accepted apiextractor 0.3.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted apt 0.7.25 (source all i386) Accepted apt-cacher 1.6.10 (source all) Accepted apt-cacher-ng 0.4.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted apt-cacher-ng 0.4.3-1 (source amd64) Accepted aptdaemon 0.11-1 (source all) Accepted aptdaemon 0.11-2 (source all) Accepted apt-dater 0.8.0+svn434-1 (source all amd64) Accepted apt-dater 0.8.1-1 (source all amd64) Accepted apt-file 2.3.2 (source all) Accepted apt-proxy (source all) Accepted apt-proxy 1.9.37 (source all) Accepted apt-setup 1:0.43 (source all) Accepted apvlv (source amd64) Accepted apvlv (source amd64) Accepted arandr 0.1.2-2 (source all) Accepted arbtt 0.4.4-1 (source amd64) Accepted ardour 1:2.8.4-1 (source amd64) Accepted ardour 1:2.8.4-2 (source amd64) Accepted argyll 1.1.0~rc2-1 (source i386) Accepted aria2 1.7.1-1 (source amd64) Accepted aria2 1.7.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted ario 1.4.1-1 (source all amd64) Accepted ario 1.4.2-1 (source all amd64) Accepted arista 0.9.3-3 (source all) Accepted arj 3.10.22-8 (source amd64) Accepted armada-backlight 1.1-1 (source i386) Accepted armada-backlight 1.1-2 (source i386) Accepted armada-backlight 1.1-3 (source i386) Accepted armada-backlight 1.1-4 (source i386) Accepted armadillo 0.8.0-1 (source all amd64) Accepted asterisk 1: (source all i386) Accepted asterisk 1: (source all i386) Accepted asterisk-addons (source i386) Accepted asymptote 1.90-1 (source all amd64) Accepted atari800 2.1.0-2 (source amd64) Accepted atheist 0.20091130-1 (source all) Accepted atk1.0 1.29.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted attica 0.1.1-1 (source amd64) Accepted audacity 1.3.10-1 (source all amd64) Accepted audacity 1.3.10-2 (source all amd64) Accepted audiofile 0.2.6-8 (source amd64) Accepted audiopreview 0.5-2 (source i386) Accepted audtty 0.1.11-3 (source i386) Accepted audtty 0.1.11-4 (source i386) Accepted augeas 0.6.0-1 (source all amd64) Accepted augeas 0.6.0-2 (source all amd64) Accepted autoclass 3.3.4-7.1 (source i386) Accepted autoconf2.64 2.64-1 (source all) Accepted autoconf 2.65-3 (source all) Accepted autokey 0.61.0a-1 (source all) Accepted autokey 0.61.0b-1 (source all) Accepted automoc 1.0~version-0.9.88-3 (source amd64) Accepted autopsy 2.21-2 (source all) Accepted awardeco 0.2-3.1 (source i386) Accepted awesome 3.4.2-3 (source amd64) Accepted ayttm 0.6.1-2 (source amd64) Accepted azureus (source all) Accepted azureus (source all) Accepted babel 1.4.0.dfsg-5 (source all amd64) Accepted babel 1.4.0.dfsg-6 (source all amd64) Accepted backup2l 1.5-1 (source all) Accepted base-installer 1.104 (source all amd64) Accepted batctl 0.2.1~beta~svn1496-1 (source amd64) Accepted batman-adv-kernelland 0.2.1~beta~svn1506-1 (source all) Accepted batman-adv-kernelland 0.2-3 (source all) Accepted bauble 0.9.7-1 (source all) Accepted baycomepp 0.10-12.2 (source i386) Accepted bbdb 2.35.cvs20080316-1 (source all) Accepted bbdb 2.35.cvs20080316-2 (source all) Accepted beancounter 0.8.9 (source all) Accepted beanstalkd 1.4.3-1 (source i386) Accepted beast 0.7.1-5.2 (source amd64) Accepted beep 1.2.2-24 (source powerpc) Accepted biblatex-dw 1.2l-2 (source all) Accepted bibtex2html 1.94-3 (source all) Accepted bibus 1.5.1-3 (source all) Accepted bickley 0.4.4-1 (source i386) Accepted biloba 0.6-4 (source all amd64) Accepted bind9 1:9.7.0.dfsg~b3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted bind9 1:9.7.0.dfsg~b3-2 (source all amd64) Accepted binutils-z80 2.20-3 (source amd64) Accepted bird 1.1.7-1 (source i386) Accepted bitpim 1.0.6.dfsg.1-6 (source all amd64) Accepted blazeblogger 1.0.0-1 (source all) Accepted blazeblogger 1.0.0-2 (source all) Accepted blcr 0.8.2-7 (source all amd64) Accepted bleachbit 0.7.2-1 (source all) Accepted blender 2.50~alpha~0~svn24834-1 (source amd64) Accepted blends 0.6.8 (source all) Accepted blt 2.4z-4.2 (source all i386) Accepted bmagic 3.6.1-1 (source all) Accepted bmf 0.9.4-1 (source i386) Accepted bmf 0.9.4-2 (source i386) Accepted boats 200910-1 (source amd64) Accepted bobot++ 1:1.97-10.3 (source i386) Accepted bochs 2.4.2-1 (source all amd64) Accepted boinc 6.10.17+dfsg-2 (source i386) Accepted boo (source all) Accepted bookmarkbridge 0.76-2.2 (source i386) Accepted boost1.40 1.40.0-5 (source all amd64) Accepted boostpythongenerator 0.3.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted bottlerocket 0.05b3-14 (source amd64) Accepted bouml 4.16.2-1 (source all amd64) Accepted bpython (source all) Accepted brasero 2.28.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted brltty 4.1-2 (source all amd64) Accepted brltty 4.1-3 (source all amd64) Accepted broadcom-sta (source all) Accepted bsdiff 4.3-10 (source i386) Accepted bsdiff 4.3-9 (source i386) Accepted bsdmainutils 8.0.3 (source amd64) Accepted bsdmainutils 8.0.4 (source amd64) Accepted bsdmainutils 8.0.5 (source amd64) Accepted bti 024-1 (source i386) Accepted btnx-config 0.4.9-3 (source amd64) Accepted btrfs-tools 0.19-7 (source i386) Accepted btrfs-tools 0.19-8 (source i386) Accepted bubbros 1.6-2 (source all) Accepted bugz 0.7.3-2 (source all) Accepted bustle 0.2.1-1 (source amd64) Accepted bzr 2.0.3-1 (source all i386) Accepted bzr-explorer 0.9.0-1 (source all) Accepted bzr-fastimport 0.9.0~bzr261-1 (source all) Accepted bzr-hg 0.1+bzr271-1 (source all) Accepted bzr-search 1.7.0~bzr77-1 (source all) Accepted cacti 0.8.7e-1.1 (source all) Accepted cadaver 0.23.3-1 (source powerpc) Accepted calife 1:3.0.1-1 (source i386) Accepted cameleon 1.9.19-2 (source all amd64) Accepted camlbz2 0.6.0-4 (source amd64) Accepted camlbz2 0.6.0-5 (source amd64) Accepted camljava 0.3-1 (source amd64) Accepted canna 3.7p3-6.3 (source i386) Accepted c++-annotations 8.1.0~pre2-1 (source all) Accepted capi4hylafax 1: (source amd64) Accepted c-ares 1.7.0-1 (source amd64) Accepted cbios 0.23-2 (source all) Accepted cbm 0.1-5 (source amd64) Accepted cbmplugs 1.2.2-1 (source i386) Accepted ccfits 2.2-2 (source all amd64) Accepted ccspatch 1.6.8-20091111-2 (source all) Accepted ccstools 1.6.8-20091111-2 (source i386) Accepted cdbs 0.4.63 (source all) Accepted cdbs 0.4.64 (source all) Accepted cdbs 0.4.65 (source all) Accepted cdebconf 0.146 (source all amd64) Accepted cdebconf-terminal 0.6 (source amd64) Accepted cdrdao 1:1.2.2-18.1 (source i386) Accepted cecil-flowanalysis 0.1~svn.128879-1 (source all) Accepted cedar-backup2 2.19.4-2 (source all) Accepted ceferino 0.97.8-3 (source all i386) Accepted cegui-mk2 0.6.2-3 (source all i386) Accepted celestia 1.6.0+dfsg-1 (source all amd64) Accepted celestia-nonfree 1.6.0-1 (source all) Accepted certmaster 0.25-1 (source all) Accepted cfengine3 3.0.2+dfsg-2 (source i386) Accepted cffi 20091211-1 (source all) Accepted cgal 3.5.1-1 (source all amd64) Accepted chasen 2.4.4-10 (source i386) Accepted cherokee 0.99.31-1 (source all amd64) Accepted cherokee 0.99.32-1 (source all amd64) Accepted cherokee 0.99.38-1 (source all amd64) Accepted chiark-utils 4.1.28+nmu2 (source all i386) Accepted chillispot 1.0-10.1 (source i386) Accepted chmsee 1.0.7-1.2 (source amd64) Accepted choqok 0.9.4+git20091230-1 (source i386) Accepted chronicle 4.0-1 (source all) Accepted chuck (source i386) Accepted citadel 7.70-1 (source all amd64) Accepted cjk 4.8.2+git20090105-3 (source all amd64) Accepted cjk 4.8.2+git20090105-4 (source all amd64) Accepted ckeditor 3.0.2-1 (source all) Accepted cl-alexandria 0.0.20091125-1 (source all) Accepted clamfs 1.0.1-1 (source i386) Accepted clamsmtp 1.10-3 (source amd64) Accepted clamtk 4.21-1 (source all) Accepted clang 2.6-1 (source amd64) Accepted cl-asdf 1:20091221-1 (source all) Accepted clawsker 0.7.0-2 (source all) Accepted cl-babel 0.3.0+20091229-1 (source all) Accepted cl-closer-mop 2:0.6-1 (source all) Accepted cl-contextl 1:0.6-1 (source all) Accepted clearsilver 0.10.4-1.4 (source i386) Accepted cln 1.3.1-2 (source amd64) Accepted clock-setup 0.101 (source amd64) Accepted clock-setup 0.102 (source amd64) Accepted cl-sql 4.2.0-1 (source all amd64) Accepted clusterssh 3.28-1 (source all) Accepted clusterssh 3.28-2 (source all) Accepted codeine 1.0.1-3.dfsg-3.1 (source i386) Accepted codespeak-lib 1.1.1-1 (source all) Accepted codespeak-lib 1.1.1-2 (source all) Accepted codespeak-lib 1.1.1-3 (source all) Accepted coherence (source all) Accepted coinor-csdp 6.0.1-2 (source all amd64) Accepted coinor-dylp 1.5.0-3 (source all amd64) Accepted coinor-flopc++ 1.0.6-1 (source all amd64) Accepted colorcode 0.5.5-1 (source amd64) Accepted colormake 0.2-9 (source all) Accepted common-lisp-controller 6.21 (source all) Accepted commons-javaflow 0.0~svn20060411-3 (source all) Accepted commons-javaflow 0.0~svn20060411-4 (source all) Accepted commons-vfs 1.0-5 (source all) Accepted compizconfig-python 0.8.2-2 (source amd64) Accepted comprez 2.6.0-1 (source all) Accepted comprez 2.6.1-1 (source all) Accepted concordance 0.21-5 (source all amd64) Accepted connect-proxy 1.101-1 (source i386) Accepted console-data 2:1.10-1 (source all) Accepted console-data 2:1.10-2 (source all) Accepted context 2009.11.26-1 (source all) Accepted context 2009.11.26-2 (source all) Accepted coq 8.2.pl1+dfsg-4 (source all amd64) Accepted corosync 1.1.2-1 (source i386) Accepted couchdb 0.10.1-1 (source i386) Accepted cowdancer 0.60 (source amd64) Accepted cppcheck 1.39-1 (source i386) Accepted cpulimit 1.1-12 (source i386) Accepted cracklib2 2.8.15-4 (source all amd64) Accepted cracklib2 2.8.15-5 (source all amd64) Accepted crash 4.1.1-1 (source amd64) Accepted crash 4.1.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted cryptmount 4.0.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted csound 1:5.11.1~dfsg-3 (source all amd64) Accepted cssed 0.4.0-2.1 (source amd64) Accepted ctdb 1.0.108-1 (source i386) Accepted ctdb 1.0.108-2 (source i386) Accepted ctdb 1.0.108-3 (source i386) Accepted cups 1.4.2-4 (source all i386) Accepted cups 1.4.2-5 (source all i386) Accepted cups 1.4.2-6 (source all i386) Accepted cupt 1.4.0 (source all) Accepted cuyo 2.~-1.1-1.1 (source all i386) Accepted cvs2html 1.98-2 (source all) Accepted cvs2svn 2.3.0-2 (source all) Accepted cvsd 1.0.17 (source i386) Accepted cvxopt 1.1.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted cwidget 0.5.16-2 (source i386 all) Accepted 0.9.5-8 (source i386) Accepted 0.9.5-9 (source i386) Accepted cyrus-sasl2 2.1.23.dfsg1-4 (source all i386) Accepted cyrus-sasl2 2.1.23.dfsg1-5 (source all amd64) Accepted cyrus-sasl2-heimdal 2.1.23.dfsg1-4 (source i386) Accepted cyrus-sasl2-heimdal 2.1.23.dfsg1-5 (source amd64) Accepted daemonlogger 1.2.1-4 (source i386) Accepted daemonlogger 1.2.1-5 (source i386) Accepted dalston 0.1.12-1 (source i386) Accepted daptup 0.10.0 (source all) Accepted darkice 0.20.1-1 (source sparc) Accepted darkice 0.20.1-2 (source sparc) Accepted darts 0.32-6 (source i386) Accepted das-watchdog 0.9.0-1 (source i386) Accepted db4.6 4.6.21-16 (source all) Accepted db4.7 4.7.25-9 (source all) Accepted db 4.8.24-2 (source all) Accepted db 4.8.26-1 (source all) Accepted dballe 4.0.14-1 (source all amd64) Accepted dbi 0.2-5-1 (source i386) Accepted dbtoepub 0+svn8532-1 (source all) Accepted dbus-java 2.7-1 (source all) Accepted dcap 1.2.44-2 (source amd64) Accepted dcmtk 3.5.4-4 (source all amd64) Accepted dc-qt 0.2.0.alpha-4.1 (source amd64) Accepted dctrl-tools 2.14 (source amd64) Accepted ddclient 3.8.0-8 (source all) Accepted debdelta 0.36 (source i386) Accepted debhelper 7.4.10 (source all) Accepted debhelper 7.4.11 (source all) Accepted debiandoc-sgml 1.2.13 (source all) Accepted debiandoc-sgml-doc 1.1.21 (source all) Accepted debian-edu 0.841 (source i386) Accepted debian-edu-config 1.429 (source all) Accepted debian-edu-config 1.430 (source all) Accepted debian-edu-doc 1.3~20091203~5.0.3+edu0~alpha (source all) Accepted debian-edu-doc 1.3~20091215~5.0.3+edu0~alpha (source all) Accepted debian-edu-install 0.678 (source all) Accepted debian-edu-install 0.679 (source all) Accepted debian-installer 20091215 (source amd64) Accepted debian-installer-utils 1.73 (source all amd64) Accepted debian-junior 1.17 (source all) Accepted debian-med 1.4 (source all) Accepted debian-science 0.8 (source all) Accepted debmirror 1:2.4 (source all) Accepted debsums 2.0.48 (source all) Accepted decibel-audio-player 1.02-1 (source all) Accepted defoma 0.11.10-4 (source all) Accepted deluge 1.2.0~rc4-1 (source all) Accepted deluge 1.2.0~rc5-1 (source all) Accepted desktop-profiles 1.4.15+nmu1 (source all) Accepted detox 1.2.0-4 (source amd64) Accepted devicekit-power 013-1 (source all i386) Accepted devil 1.7.8-6 (source amd64) Accepted devscripts 2.10.59 (source i386) Accepted dfo 0.8+svn52-4 (source all) Accepted dhis-server 5.3-2 (source amd64) Accepted dh-make-drupal 0.5-1 (source all) Accepted di 4.18-1 (source amd64) Accepted dico 2.0-6 (source all amd64) Accepted dico 2.0-7 (source i386 all) Accepted dicom3tools 1.0~20091217-1 (source amd64) Accepted dicomscope 3.6.0-1 (source i386) Accepted dicomscope 3.6.0-2 (source amd64) Accepted dict-foldoc 20091217-1 (source all) Accepted diffpdf 0.4.0-1 (source i386) Accepted digikam 2:1.0.0-1 (source amd64) Accepted digikam 2:1.0.0~rc-1 (source i386) Accepted dimp1 1.1.4+debian0-1 (source all) Accepted dimp1 1.1.4+debian0-2 (source all) Accepted ding 1.6-1 (source all) Accepted discover-data 2.2009.12.19 (source all) Accepted distribute 0.6.10-1 (source all) Accepted distributed-net 2.9105.511b-1 (source i386) Accepted ditrack 0.8-1.1 (source all) Accepted djvulibre 3.5.22-7 (source i386) Accepted dkimproxy 1.2-3 (source all) Accepted dkms (source all) Accepted dkms (source all) Accepted dkms (source all) Accepted dkms (source all) Accepted dma 0.0.2009.07.17-3 (source i386) Accepted dmidecode 2.9-1.2 (source amd64) Accepted dmraid 1.0.0.rc16-3 (source i386) Accepted dnsjava 2.0.8-1 (source all) Accepted doc-debian-es 2.6 (source all) Accepted doctorj 5.0.0-5 (source all) Accepted dosbox 0.73-2 (source amd64) Accepted dosbox 0.73+dfsg1-1 (source amd64) Accepted dosemu 1.4.0+svn.1997-1 (source amd64) Accepted dosfstools 3.0.7-1 (source i386) Accepted dotlrn 2.5.0-1 (source all) Accepted dov4l 0.9-4 (source amd64) Accepted dovecot 1:1.2.8-2 (source amd64) Accepted dovecot 1:1.2.9-1 (source amd64) Accepted dpkg (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg (source all amd64) Accepted dpm (source amd64) Accepted dpm (source amd64) Accepted dpm-postgres (source amd64) Accepted dpm-postgres (source amd64) Accepted dradio 3.8-1 (source i386) Accepted drawxtl 5.4+dfsg-4 (source amd64) Accepted drbd8 2:8.3.4-1.1 (source all amd64) Accepted droidbattles 1.0.7-1 (source i386) Accepted dvipng 1.12-3 (source amd64) Accepted dvipsk-ja 5.96+jp1.7a-3.1 (source amd64) Accepted dwww 1.11.2 (source i386) Accepted e17 0.16.999.063-1 (source all amd64) Accepted e2undel 0.82-1.1 (source amd64) Accepted eboard 1.1.1-4.1 (source i386) Accepted ecl 9.12.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted ecore (source all amd64) Accepted ecore (source all amd64) Accepted ed2k-hash 0.3.3+deb2-1 (source i386) Accepted edb 1.31-2 (source all) Accepted edbus (source amd64) Accepted editra 0.5.25-1 (source all) Accepted editra 0.5.30-1 (source all) Accepted edje (source all amd64) Accepted eeepc-acpi-scripts 1.1.3 (source all) Accepted eeepc-acpi-scripts 1.1.4 (source all) Accepted eeepc-acpi-scripts 1.1.5 (source all) Accepted eekboek 1.05.04-4 (source all) Accepted eekboek 1.05.05-1 (source all) Accepted eet 1.2.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted efreet (source all amd64) Accepted egenix-mx-base 3.1.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted eglibc 2.11~0exp1-0exp1 (source all amd64) Accepted eigenbase-farrago 0.9.0-1 (source all) Accepted eigenbase-resgen (source all) Accepted eikazo 0.5.2-6 (source amd64) Accepted eina (source all amd64) Accepted eina (source all amd64) Accepted eina (source all amd64) Accepted ejabberd 2.1.0-1 (source powerpc) Accepted ejabberd 2.1.0-2 (source powerpc) Accepted electricsheep 2.7~b12+svn20090708-2 (source amd64) Accepted electricsheep 2.7~b12+svn20091224-1 (source amd64) Accepted elementary (source all amd64) Accepted elmerfem 5.5.0.svn.4298.dfsg-1 (source all amd64) Accepted elyxer 0.38-1 (source all) Accepted elyxer 0.39-1 (source all) Accepted emacs-chess 2.0b6-1 (source all) Accepted emacs-goodies-el 31.2-1 (source all) Accepted emacs-goodies-el 31.3 (source all) Accepted emdebian-grip 2.2.3 (source all) Accepted emdebian-tools 2.1.1 (source all) Accepted emil 2.1.0-beta9.dfsg-1.1 (source i386) Accepted emoslib 000371+dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted emoslib 000371+dfsg-2 (source i386) Accepted emoslib 000371+dfsg-3 (source i386) Accepted empathy (source all amd64) Accepted empathy 2.28.2-1 (source all amd64) Accepted empathy 2.29.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted empathy 2.29.4-1 (source all amd64) Accepted empire-lafe 1.1-1 (source i386) Accepted encfs 1.5.2-2 (source amd64) Accepted enigma 1.09+r1900-1 (source all i386) Accepted enscript 1.6.4-14 (source i386) Accepted envstore 2.0.1-1 (source amd64) Accepted eog 2.28.2-1 (source all i386) Accepted epiphany-browser 2.29.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted epydoc 3.0.1-4 (source all) Accepted eql 1.2.ds1-2 (source i386) Accepted erlang 1:13.b.3-dfsg-1 (source all i386) Accepted erlang 1:13.b.3-dfsg-2 (source all i386) Accepted esmtp 1.2-1 (source i386 all) Accepted ess 5.6-1 (source all) Accepted ess 5.7.1-1 (source all) Accepted ess 5.7-1 (source all) Accepted esteidutil 0.9.18-1.1 (source i386) Accepted etherboot 5.4.4-1 (source all) Accepted ethtool 6+20091202-1 (source i386) Accepted evas (source all amd64) Accepted evas (source all amd64) Accepted evince 2.28.2-1 (source all i386) Accepted evolution 2.28.1-3 (source all amd64) Accepted evolution 2.28.2-1 (source all amd64) Accepted evolution 2.29.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted evolution (source all amd64) Accepted evolution-data-server 2.28.2-1 (source all amd64) Accepted evolution-data-server 2.29.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted evolution-mapi 0.28.1-2 (source amd64) Accepted exaile 0.2.14+debian-2.2 (source all) Accepted exec-maven-plugin 1.1.1-1 (source all) Accepted exec-maven-plugin 1.1.1+dfsg-1 (source all) Accepted execnet 1.0.1-2 (source all) Accepted exim4 4.71-2 (source i386 all) Accepted eximdoc4 4.71-1 (source all) Accepted exo 0.3.106-1 (source all amd64) Accepted expat 2.0.1-6 (source amd64) Accepted expat 2.0.1-7 (source amd64) Accepted extrema 4.4.2-1 (source i386 all) Accepted fam 2.7.0-16.1 (source all i386) Accepted farpd 0.2-10 (source i386) Accepted fatrat 1.1.1-5 (source i386 all) Accepted fatrat-czshare 1.1.1-2 (source i386) Accepted fatrat-opensubtitles 1.1.1-2 (source i386) Accepted fbcat 0.2-2 (source i386) Accepted fbterm 1.6-1 (source i386) Accepted fet 5.11.0-1 (source i386) Accepted ffmpegthumbnailer 1.5.6-1 (source amd64) Accepted ffprobe 0.svn92-1 (source amd64) Accepted fglrx-driver 1:9-12-1 (source amd64) The last update was on 15:56 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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