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Accepted dh-make-php 0.2.9 (source all) Accepted dhcp3 3.1.0-4 (source i386) Accepted dhcp3 3.1.0-5 (source i386) Accepted dhelp 0.6.8 (source all) Accepted dialign 2.2.1-2 (source i386) Accepted dialog 1.1-20080316-1 (source i386) Accepted dict-foldoc 20070526-3 (source all) Accepted dictd 1.10.10.dfsg-2 (source i386) Accepted dictionaries-common 0.98.2 (source all) Accepted dictionaries-common 0.98.3 (source all) Accepted dictionary-el 1.8.7-10 (source all) Accepted digikam 2:0.9.3-2 (source amd64) Accepted dir2ogg 0.11.2-1 (source all) Accepted dir2ogg 0.11.3-1 (source all) Accepted dirdiff 2.1-3 (source i386) Accepted directfb 1.0.1-8 (source amd64) Accepted dirvish 1.2.1-1.1 (source all) Accepted disksearch 1.2.1-3 (source all) Accepted dissy 7-2 (source all) Accepted distcc 2.18.3-5 (source i386) Accepted distmp3 0.1.9.ds1-4.3 (source all) Accepted djbdns 1:1.05-2 (source powerpc) Accepted djview4 4.3-1 (source i386) Accepted djview4 4.3-2 (source i386) Accepted djvulibre 3.5.20-4 (source i386) Accepted djvulibre 3.5.20-5 (source i386) Accepted djvulibre 3.5.20-6 (source i386) Accepted dk-milter 1.0.0.dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted dkim-milter 2.5.0.dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted dkim-milter 2.5.2.dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted dkimproxy 1.0.1-1 (source all) Accepted dmake 1:4.12-1 (source amd64) Accepted dmraid 1.0.0.rc13-2.1 (source i386) Accepted dmucs 0.6.1-1 (source i386) Accepted dnprogs 2.40 (source all i386) Accepted dnprogs 2.40.1 (source all i386) Accepted dnprogs 2.41 (source all i386) Accepted dnstop 20080321-1 (source amd64) Accepted doc++ 3.4.10-3.5 (source i386) Accepted doc-iana 20080301-1 (source all) Accepted doc-linux-ja 2006.05.25-1.1 (source all) Accepted docbook-to-man 1:2.0.0-27 (source i386) Accepted docbook-xsl 1.73.2.dfsg.1-3 (source all) Accepted docbook2x 0.8.8-6 (source i386) Accepted docbookwiki 0.9.1cvs-5 (source all) Accepted dog 1.7-10 (source amd64) Accepted dosbox 0.72-1 (source i386) Accepted dosbox 0.72-1.1 (source i386) Accepted dovecot 1:1.0.12-1 (source amd64) Accepted dovecot 1:1.0.13-1 (source amd64) Accepted dpkg 1.14.17 (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg 1.15.0 (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg-cross 2.2.1 (source all) Accepted dpkg-repack 1.29 (source all) Accepted drawtiming 0.6.2-2 (source i386) Accepted drift 2.2.3-2 (source i386) Accepted droidbattles 1.0.6-6 (source i386) Accepted dropbear 0.50-4 (source powerpc) Accepted dropbear 0.51-1 (source powerpc) Accepted drqueue 0.60.0-1.1 (source amd64) Accepted dspam 3.6.8-7 (source i386 all) Accepted dspam 3.6.8-8 (source i386 all) Accepted dstat 0.6.7-1 (source all) Accepted dsyslog 0.2.0-1 (source i386) Accepted dsyslog 0.2.1-1 (source i386) Accepted dsyslog 0.2.2-1 (source i386) Accepted dtc 0.28.3-1 (source all) Accepted dtc 0.28.4-1 (source all) Accepted dtc 0.28.6-1 (source all) Accepted dtc-xen 0.3.16-1 (source all) Accepted dtc-xen 0.3.17-1 (source all) Accepted duplicity 0.4.10-1 (source i386) Accepted dvdbackup 0.1.1-11 (source i386) Accepted dvdbackup 0.1.1-12 (source i386) Accepted dvr 3.2-9.1 (source i386) Accepted dynamips 0.2.7-0.2.8RC2-2 (source i386) Accepted e2fsprogs 1.40.8-1 (source i386) Accepted e2fsprogs 1.40.8-2 (source i386) Accepted e3 1:2.71-1 (source amd64) Accepted eancheck 1.0-1.1 (source i386) Accepted earth3d 1.0.5-1.1 (source i386) Accepted easychem 0.6-5 (source i386) Accepted ecasound2.2 (source all amd64) Accepted ecl 0.9j-20080306-1 (source all amd64) Accepted ecore (source all i386) Accepted ecore (source all i386) Accepted ecore (source all i386) Accepted editmoin 1.10.1-1 (source all) Accepted edje (source all i386) Accepted eeepc-acpi-scripts 1.0.1 (source all) Accepted eeepc-acpi-scripts 1.0.2 (source all) Accepted eel2 2.20.0-5 (source all i386) Accepted eel2 2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted eel2 2.22.1-1 (source all i386) Accepted efax-gtk 3.0.17-1 (source i386) Accepted egroupware 1.4.002.dfsg-2 (source all) Accepted egroupware 1.4.002.dfsg-2.1 (source all) Accepted egroupware-egw-pear 1.4.002-2 (source all) Accepted eiciel (source i386) Accepted eikazo 0.5.2-3 (source amd64) Accepted ejabberd 1.1.4-7 (source i386) Accepted ejabberd 2.0.0-4 (source i386) Accepted ejabberd 2.0.0-5 (source i386) Accepted ejabberd 2.0.0-6 (source i386) Accepted electricsheep 2.6.8-9 (source i386) Accepted elinks 0.11.3-5 (source i386 all) Accepted elisa 0.3.4-1 (source all) Accepted elisa 0.3.4-2 (source all) Accepted elisa 0.3.5-1 (source all) Accepted elisa 0.3.5-2 (source all) Accepted elisa-plugins-bad 0.3.4-1 (source all) Accepted elisa-plugins-bad 0.3.5-1 (source all) Accepted elisa-plugins-good 0.3.4-1 (source all) Accepted elisa-plugins-good 0.3.5-1 (source all) Accepted elisa-plugins-ugly 0.3.4-1 (source all) Accepted elisa-plugins-ugly 0.3.4-2 (source all) Accepted elixir 0.5.1-2 (source all) Accepted elixir 0.5.2-1 (source all) Accepted emacs-goodies-el 29.1-1 (source all) Accepted emacs22 22.1+1-3 (source all i386) Accepted emboss 5.0.0-5 (source i386 all) Accepted emboss 5.0.0-6 (source i386 all) Accepted emboss-explorer 2.2.0-5 (source all) Accepted embryo (source all i386) Accepted emcast 0.3.2-6 (source amd64) Accepted emdebian-tools 0.9.0 (source all) Accepted emdebian-tools 0.9.1 (source all) Accepted emesene 1.0-dist-1 (source all) Accepted emesene 1.0~r1127-1 (source all) Accepted emesene 1.0~r1137-1 (source all) Accepted empathy 0.21.91-1 (source all amd64) Accepted empathy 0.22.0-1 (source all amd64) Accepted enca 1.9-6 (source i386) Accepted enigma 1.01-2.1 (source all amd64) Accepted enthought-chaco2 2.0.4-1 (source i386) Accepted enthought-chaco2 2.0.4-2 (source i386) Accepted enthought-traits 2.0.3-1 (source i386) Accepted enthought-traits 2.0.4-1 (source i386) Accepted enthought-traits 2.0.4-2 (source i386) Accepted enthought-traits-ui 2.0.3-1 (source all) Accepted enthought-traits-ui 2.0.4-1 (source all) Accepted enthought-traits-ui 2.0.4-2 (source all) Accepted eo-spell 2.1.2000.02.25-35 (source all) Accepted eog 2.22.0-1 (source all amd64) Accepted epdfview 0.1.6-3 (source amd64) Accepted epigrass 1.5.1-2 (source all) Accepted epigrass 1.5.1-3 (source all) Accepted epix1 1.2.4-1 (source i386) Accepted epix1 1.2.4-2 (source i386) Accepted epsilon 0.5.9-1 (source all) Accepted eric 4.1.1-1 (source all) Accepted eris 1.3.13-2 (source all amd64) Accepted erlang 1:12.b.1-dfsg-4 (source all i386) Accepted espa-nol 1.9-15 (source all) Accepted espeak 1.36.02-1 (source amd64) Accepted et131x 1.2.3-2-1 (source all) Accepted etch-support 0.02 (source all) Accepted etckeeper 0.12 (source all) Accepted etckeeper 0.13 (source all) Accepted etckeeper 0.14 (source all) Accepted etl 0.04.11-1 (source i386) Accepted etoile 0+20060914+dfsg-3 (source i386) Accepted evince 2.22.0-1 (source i386) Accepted evolution 2.12.3-1.1 (source all i386) Accepted evolution 2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted evolution 2.22.0-2 (source all i386) Accepted evolution-data-server 2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted evolution-python 0.0.4-2 (source i386) Accepted exiv2 0.16-4 (source all amd64) Accepted exo 0.3.4-4 (source amd64) Accepted exo 0.3.4-5 (source amd64) Accepted extcalc 0.9.1-1 (source i386) Accepted extra-xdg-menus 1.0-3 (source all) Accepted exuberant-ctags 1:5.7-3 (source i386) Accepted f-spot 0.4.2-1 (source i386) Accepted fail2ban 0.8.2-1 (source all) Accepted fakeroot 1.9.4 (source i386) Accepted fakeroot-ng 0.09-1 (source i386) Accepted falselogin 0.3-3 (source i386) Accepted fam 2.7.0-13.2 (source all i386) Accepted fapg 0.41-1 (source i386) Accepted farsight2 0.0.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted fast-user-switch-applet 2.22.0-1 (source amd64) Accepted faust (source i386) Accepted fbpager 0.1.4-5.1 (source i386) Accepted fbreader 0.8.15-1 (source i386) Accepted fcron 3.0.1-1.1 (source i386) Accepted fdm 1.4-1.1 (source i386) Accepted fdm 1.5-1 (source i386) Accepted fdupes 1.50-PR2-1 (source i386) Accepted festival 1.96~beta-7 (source i386) Accepted feynmf 1.08-5 (source all) Accepted ffmpeg-free 0.cvs20071007-4 (source i386) Accepted ffmpeg-free 0.svn20080206-1 (source i386) Accepted fgfs-atlas 0.3.0-5.1 (source i386) Accepted fglrx-driver 8.47.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted fglrx-driver 8.47.3-2 (source all amd64) Accepted fglrx-driver 8.47.3-3 (source all amd64) Accepted fiaif 1.21.1-12 (source all) Accepted fiaif 1.21.1-13 (source all) Accepted fig2sty 1:0.1-11 (source all) Accepted fig2sxd 0.17-1.1 (source amd64) Accepted file-roller 2.22.0-1 (source amd64) Accepted file-roller 2.22.0-2 (source i386) Accepted file-roller 2.22.0-3 (source amd64) Accepted filerunner 2.5.1-19 (source i386) Accepted filerunner 2.5.1-20 (source i386) Accepted filezilla 3.0.8-1 (source i386 all) Accepted findlib 1.2.1-4.1 (source amd64) Accepted findutils 4.3.13-1 (source i386) Accepted findutils 4.4.0-1 (source i386) Accepted finish-install 2.16 (source all) Accepted firebird2.0 (source all i386) Accepted fireflier 1.1.7-4 (source i386) Accepted fish 1.23.0-3 (source i386) Accepted fish 1.23.0-4 (source i386) Accepted fish 1.23.0-5 (source i386) Accepted fityk 0.8.2-1.1 (source i386) Accepted fityk 0.8.2-2 (source i386) Accepted fiveam 1:20080312-1 (source all) Accepted flac 1.2.1-1.2 (source all i386) Accepted flamerobin 0.8.5~svn20080229r1645-1 (source i386) Accepted flamerobin 0.8.6-1 (source i386) Accepted flash-kernel 1.8 (source arm) Accepted fldigi 2.10.1-1 (source i386) Accepted fldigi 2.10.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted flex 2.5.35-1 (source all amd64) Accepted flexbackup 1.2.1-6 (source all) Accepted flexloader 0.03-2 (source amd64) Accepted flickcurl 1.3-1 (source i386) Accepted flickrfs (source all) Accepted flim 1:1.14.9-2 (source all) Accepted flog 1.8-2 (source amd64) Accepted flow-tools 1:0.68-11.1 (source i386) Accepted fltk1.1 1.1.8-1 (source all amd64) Accepted fltk1.1 1.1.8~rc1-2 (source all amd64) Accepted fltk1.1 1.1.8~rc2-1 (source all amd64) Accepted fltk1.1 1.1.8~rc2-2 (source all amd64) Accepted fltk1.1 1.1.8~rc3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted fluid-soundfont 3.1-1 (source all) Accepted fluxbox 1.0.0+deb1-6 (source i386) Accepted fondu 0.0.20050825-1.1 (source i386) Accepted fonttools 2.1-1 (source i386) Accepted foomatic-db 20080211-2 (source all) Accepted foomatic-gui 0.7.7-0.2 (source all) Accepted foreign 0.8.24-1 (source i386) Accepted fortunes-debian-hints 1.8 (source all) Accepted fortunes-es 1.28 (source all) Accepted fortunes-es 1.29 (source all) Accepted foxyproxy 2.7.1~dfsg.1-1 (source all) Accepted fpc 2.2.0-dfsg1-4 (source i386 all) Accepted fpc 2.2.0-dfsg1-5 (source i386 all) Accepted fping 2.4b2-to-ipv6-15 (source mips) Accepted fprint-demo 20080202-1 (source amd64) Accepted fprint-demo 20080202-2 (source amd64) Accepted fraqtive 0.4.0-1 (source i386) Accepted fraqtive 0.4.0-2 (source amd64) Accepted fraqtive 0.4.0-3 (source amd64) Accepted freedict 1.3-4 (source all) Accepted freedoom 0.6.2-1 (source all) Accepted freedroid 1.0.2+cvs040112-1.1 (source i386 all) Accepted freefem 3.5.8-4.1 (source all i386) Accepted freehdl 0.0.4-1.1 (source amd64) Accepted freej 0.9.1+dl0-3.1 (source amd64) Accepted freetennis 0.4.8-4 (source all amd64) Accepted freevial 1.2-1 (source all) Accepted freevo 1.8.0-1 (source all) Accepted freevo 1.8.0-2 (source all) Accepted frown 0.6.1-8 (source i386) Accepted fruit 2.1.dfsg-3 (source amd64) Accepted ftdi-eeprom 0.2-8 (source amd64) Accepted fteqcc 3343-1 (source i386) Accepted ftpgrab 0.1.2r-9.1 (source i386) Accepted ftphs (source all i386) Accepted fuse 2.7.3-1 (source i386 all) Accepted fuse 2.7.3-2 (source i386 all) Accepted fuse 2.7.3-3 (source i386 all) Accepted fusion-icon 0.0.0+git20071028-2 (source all) Accepted fvwm 1:2.5.25-1 (source amd64) Accepted fwbuilder 2.1.17-1 (source all i386) Accepted fwlogwatch 1.1-3 (source powerpc) Accepted g-wrap 1.9.10-2 (source all i386) Accepted g-wrap 1.9.11-1 (source all i386) Accepted g15stats 1.0-1 (source i386) Accepted gaby 2.0.2-10.1 (source i386) Accepted gadmin-bind 0.2.3-1 (source i386 all) Accepted gadmin-dhcpd 0.4.3-1 (source i386 all) Accepted gail 1.22.0-1 (source all amd64) Accepted galax 1.0~rc1-1 (source all i386) Accepted galax 1.1-1 (source all i386) Accepted gambas2 2.4-1 (source all amd64) Accepted gambas2 2.4.1-1 (source all amd64) Accepted gambit 0.2006.01.20-2.1 (source i386) Accepted gambit 0.2006.01.20-2.2 (source i386) Accepted gammu 1.19.0-1 (source i386 all) Accepted gant 1.1.1-1 (source all) Accepted gaphas 0.3.5-1 (source all) Accepted gaphor 0.12.5-3 (source all) Accepted gastables 0.2-1 (source all) Accepted gawk 1:3.1.5.dfsg-4.1 (source amd64) Accepted gazpacho 0.7.2-1 (source all) Accepted gbemol 0.3.1-1 (source i386) Accepted gbgoffice 1.4-4 (source i386) Accepted gbrainy 0.60-1 (source all) Accepted gbrainy 0.61-1 (source all) Accepted gcalctool 5.22.0-1 (source i386) Accepted gcc-3.3 1:3.3.6ds1-16 (source i386 amd64) Accepted gcc-3.3 1:3.3.6ds1-17 (source i386 amd64) Accepted gcc-3.4 3.4.6ds1-7 (source i386 powerpc) Accepted gcc-4.1 4.1.2-20 (source all i386) Accepted gcc-4.1 4.1.2-21 (source all i386 powerpc) Accepted gcc-4.2 4.2.3-3 (source all i386 powerpc) Accepted gcc-4.3 4.3.0-1 (source all i386 powerpc) Accepted gcc-4.3 4.3.0-2 (source all i386 powerpc) Accepted gcc-4.3 4.3.0~rc2-1 (s390 all amd64 sparc arm source i386 ia64 powerpc hppa) Accepted gcc-defaults 1.64 (source amd64) Accepted gcc-defaults 1.66 (source sparc powerpc) Accepted gcc-defaults 1.67 (source i386) Accepted gcc-defaults 1.68 (source amd64) Accepted gcc-m68hc1x 1:3.3.6+3.1+dfsg-3 (source amd64) Accepted gcc-snapshot 20080323-1 (source i386 powerpc) Accepted gchempaint 0.8.7-1 (source i386) Accepted gchempaint 0.8.7-2 (source i386) Accepted gcj-4.2 4.2.3-3 (source all i386 powerpc) Accepted gcj-4.3 4.3.0-1 (source all i386 powerpc) Accepted gcj-4.3 4.3.0-2 (source all i386) Accepted gcompris 8.4.4-1.1 (source all i386) Accepted gconf 2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gconf-editor 2.22.0-1 (source i386) Accepted gconfmm2.6 2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gcvs 1.0final-16 (source i386) Accepted gdal 1.5.0-4 (source i386 all) Accepted gdal 1.5.1-1 (source i386 all) Accepted gdata 2.4.1-1 (source all) Accepted gdb 6.8-1 (source amd64) Accepted gdb-doc 6.8-1 (source all) Accepted gddrescue 1.2-1.1 (source i386) Accepted gdebi 0.3.5debian1 (source all) Accepted gdesklets 0.36-1 (source i386) Accepted gdesklets 0.36-2 (source i386) Accepted gdl 0.7.11-1 (source all i386) Accepted gdm 2.20.4-1 (source i386) Accepted gdome2-xslt 0.0.8-2.1 (ia64 source) Accepted gecode 2.1.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gecode 2.1.1-1 (source all i386) Accepted geda 1: (source all) Accepted geda-gattrib 1:1.4.0-4 (source amd64) Accepted geda-gnetlist 1:1.4.0-2 (source amd64) Accepted geda-gschem 1:1.4.0-2 (source amd64) Accepted geda-gsymcheck 1:1.4.0-2 (source amd64) Accepted geda-utils 1:1.4.0-2 (source amd64) Accepted gedit 2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gedit-plugins 2.22.0-1 (source i386) Accepted gegl 0.0.16-1 (source all i386) Accepted gemdropx 0.9-5 (source i386) Accepted genetic 0.1.1b-7 (source all) Accepted genparse 0.5.2-11.1 (source i386) Accepted genpower 1.0.5-2.1 (source i386) Accepted genshi 0.4.4-3 (source all) Accepted gentoo 0.11.56-1 (source amd64) Accepted geos 3.0.0-2 (source all amd64) Accepted geos 3.0.0-3 (source all amd64) Accepted geshi (source all) Accepted ggz-client-libs (source i386) Accepted ggz-docs (source all) Accepted ggz-gnome-client (source i386) Accepted ggz-grubby (source i386) Accepted ggz-gtk-client (source i386) Accepted ggz-gtk-games (source all i386) Accepted ggz-kde-client (source i386) Accepted ggz-kde-games (source all i386) Accepted ggz-python (source all i386) Accepted ggz-sdl-games (source all i386) Accepted ggz-server (source i386) Accepted ggz-txt-client (source i386) Accepted ggz-utils (source i386) Accepted ghc6 6.8.2-3 (source all amd64) Accepted ghc6 6.8.2-4 (source all amd64) Accepted ghemical 2.95-3 (source i386) Accepted ghostscript 8.61.dfsg.1-1.1 (source all i386) Accepted ghostscript 8.62.dfsg.1-1 (source all i386) Accepted ghostscript 8.62.dfsg.1-2 (source all i386) Accepted giflib 4.1.6-4 (source i386 all) Accepted gimp 2.4.5-1 (source all amd64) Accepted git-buildpackage 0.4.19 (source all) Accepted git-buildpackage 0.4.20 (source all) Accepted git-buildpackage 0.4.21 (source all) Accepted git-buildpackage 0.4.22 (source all) Accepted git-core 1: (source all) Accepted git-core 1: (source all) Accepted git-core 1:1.5.5~rc0-1 (source all) Accepted git-core 1:1.5.5~rc1-1 (source all) Accepted git-core 1:1.5.5~rc2-1 (source all) Accepted gitosis 0.2+20080219-1 (source all) Accepted gitosis 0.2+20080319-1 (source all) Accepted gitpkg 0.6 (source all) Accepted glade-3 3.4.3-1 (source all i386) Accepted glademm 2.6.0-1.5 (source amd64) Accepted glbsp 2.24-1 (source amd64) Accepted glcpu 1.0.1-6.3 (source i386) Accepted glib2.0 2.16.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted glib2.0 2.16.1-1 (source all i386) Accepted glib2.0 2.16.1-2 (source all i386) Accepted glibc 2.7-10 (source all amd64) Accepted glibc 2.7-10experimental1 (source all amd64) Accepted glibc 2.7-10~experimental1 (source all mipsel) Accepted glibmm2.4 2.15.8-1 (source all i386) Accepted glibmm2.4 2.16.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted glibmm2.4 2.16.1-1 (source all i386) Accepted glob2 0.8.23-1.1 (source all i386) Accepted gloox (source all i386) Accepted gloox (source all i386) Accepted glpk 4.27-1 (source all amd64) Accepted glpk 4.27-2 (source all amd64) Accepted glpk 4.28-1 (source all amd64) Accepted glpk 4.28-2 (source all amd64) Accepted glpk 4.28-3 (source all amd64) Accepted glunarclock 1:0.32.4-10 (source i386) Accepted gman 0.9.3-4 (source amd64) Accepted gman 0.9.3-5 (source amd64) Accepted gmanedit 0.4.1-1 (source i386) Accepted gmime2.2 2.2.18-1 (source all amd64) Accepted gmobilemedia 0.4+dfsg-6 (source all) Accepted gmrun 0.9.1-2.3 (source i386) Accepted gmsh 2.1.1-1 (source i386) Accepted gmysqlcc 0.3.0-1 (source i386) Accepted gmyth 1:0.7.1-1 (source i386) Accepted gmyth-upnp 0.7.1-1 (source i386) Accepted gnarwl 3.3-8.4 (source i386) Accepted gnash 0.8.2-1 (source i386) Accepted gnat-4.3 4.3.0-1 (source amd64) Accepted gnat-glade 2007-1 (source amd64) Accepted gngb 20060309-2 (source i386) Accepted gnochm 0.9.11-1 (source all) Accepted gnochm 0.9.8-2 (source all) Accepted gnokii 0.6.24.dfsg-1 (source all amd64) Accepted gnome-app-install (source all) Accepted gnome-applets 2.20.1-3 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-applets 2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-apt 0.4.9-5 (source amd64) Accepted gnome-backgrounds 2.22.0-1 (source all) Accepted gnome-build 0.2.3-3 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-build 0.2.4-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-chemistry-utils 0.8.6-2 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-chemistry-utils 0.8.7-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-chess 0.4.0-2 (source i386) Accepted gnome-commander 1.2.5-1 (source i386) Accepted gnome-desktop 2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-desktop-sharp2 2.20.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-desktop-sharp2 2.20.1-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-desktop-sharp2 2.20.1-2 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-devel-docs 2.22.0-1 (source all) Accepted gnome-device-manager 0.2-2 (source i386) Accepted gnome-doc-utils 0.12.2-1 (source all) Accepted gnome-games 1:2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-games-extra-data 2.22.0-1 (source all) Accepted gnome-hearts 0.2.1-1 (source i386) Accepted gnome-icon-theme 2.22.0-1 (source all) Accepted gnome-keyring 2.22.0-1 (source i386) Accepted gnome-keyring 2.22.0-2 (source amd64) Accepted gnome-media 2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-menus 2.22.0-1 (source i386) Accepted gnome-nettool 2.22.0-1 (source i386) Accepted gnome-orca 2.22.0-1 (source all) Accepted gnome-osd 0.12.2-1 (source all) Accepted gnome-panel 2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-pilot-conduits 2.0.15-1.2 (source amd64) Accepted gnome-pkg-tools 0.13.5 (source all) Accepted gnome-power-manager 2.22.0-1 (source amd64) Accepted gnome-power-manager 2.22.1-1 (source amd64) Accepted gnome-python 2.22.0-1 (source i386 all) Accepted gnome-python-desktop 2.22.0-1 (source i386 all) Accepted gnome-rdp 0.2.2-6 (source all) Accepted gnome-schedule 2.0.2-1 (source i386) Accepted gnome-screensaver 2.22.0-1 (source i386) Accepted gnome-session 2.22.0-1 (source i386) Accepted gnome-session 2.22.0-2 (source i386) Accepted gnome-settings-daemon 2.22.0-1 (source i386) Accepted gnome-settings-daemon 2.22.0-2 (source i386) Accepted gnome-settings-daemon 2.22.0-3 (source i386) Accepted gnome-settings-daemon 2.22.0-4 (source i386) Accepted gnome-sharp2 2.16.1-2 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-sharp2 2.20.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-sharp2 2.20.0-2 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-subtitles 0.7.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted gnome-system-monitor 2.22.0-1 (source i386) Accepted gnome-terminal 2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-themes 2.22.0-1 (source all) Accepted gnome-user-docs 2.22.0-1 (source all) Accepted gnome-user-share 0.21-1 (source i386) Accepted gnome-vfs 1:2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-vfs 1:2.22.0-2 (source all i386) Accepted gnome-vfsmm2.6 2.22.0-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnomecatalog 0.3.4-3 (source all) Accepted gnomekiss 2.0-2 (source amd64) Accepted gnomesword 2.2.3-1.1 (source amd64) Accepted gnotime 2.3.0-3 (source i386) Accepted gnu-efi 3.0e-1 (source i386) Accepted gnu-smalltalk 3.0.2-1 (source all i386) Accepted gnu-smalltalk 3.0.2-2 (source all i386) The last update was on 06:25 GMT Sat May 25. 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