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Accepted dpkg 1.14.17 (source i386 all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 12:48:22 +0300
Source: dpkg
Binary: dpkg dpkg-dev dselect
Architecture: source i386 all
Version: 1.14.17
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Dpkg Developers <debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org>
 dpkg       - package maintenance system for Debian
 dpkg-dev   - package building tools for Debian
 dselect    - user tool to manage Debian packages
Closes: 4588 4628 4655 12564 17243 68981 114774 142042 151540 203792 215374 217622 220758 246918 248693 255882 308285 311843 323909 355654 363018 366555 379028 435126 439979 443338 445552 448946 453267 462225 462403 462413 463048 463398 465282 465420 465651 466135 466321 466957 467470 468916 469520 469838 471342 472332
 dpkg (1.14.17) experimental; urgency=low
   [ Guillem Jover ]
   * Replace strdup plus error checking usage with a new m_strdup function.
     Closes: #379028
   * Add new keybinding in dselect to restore all selections back to
     whatever's currently installed. Closes: #151540
     Thanks to Colin Watson.
   * Use system timersub and fix timeval normalization in multiplication in
     start-stop-daemon. Thanks to Andreas Påhlsson. Closes: #462225
   * Cosmetic fixes to start-stop-daemon output and man page. Document that
     --chuid will change the group even if it has not been specified. Add
     EXIT STATUS and EXAMPLE sections to man page. Thanks to Justin Pryzby.
   * Add Raphael Hertzog to Uploaders, and remove Brendan O'Dea and
     Christian Perrier with their permission.
   * Use functions from libcompat when those are not provided by the system.
     - Add strnlen to libcompat.
     - Link programs against libcompat which provides obstack. Closes: #142042
   * Change dpkg-gencontrol to not output the Homapage field on udeb.
   * Reintroduce 'no-debsig' back in dpkg.cfg to avoid failing to install any
     package when debsig-verify is installed. Closes: #311843
   * Fix some small memory leaks. Closes: #469520
     Thanks to Sean Finney.
   * Correct broken dselect logic for self-conflicting packages.
     Thanks to Ian Jackson.
   * Implement 'Breaks' properly in dselect. Closes: #448946
     Thanks to Ian Jackson.
   * Fix erroneous description of Breaks in dselect output.
     Thanks to Ian Jackson.
   * Allow compilation with --disable-nls on systems without libintl.h where
     a non glibc claims to be glibc. Closes: #465420
   * Fix crash when a .deb file becomes unreadable while dpkg is starting.
     Thanks to Ian Jackson. Closes: #255882
   * Few file descriptor cleanup and error handling fixes.
     Thanks to Ian Jackson. Closes: #443338
   * Move test suite invokation to a new check target in debian/rules.
   * Add support for nocheck DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS in debian/rules, so that the
     dpkg test suite can be skept if desired.
   * Improve log and status-fd output by printing more status change updates
     and actions. Thanks to Ian Jackson.
   * Implement triggers support. Thanks to Ian Jackson.
     Closes: #17243, #68981, #215374, #217622, #248693, #308285
   [ Raphael Hertzog ]
   * Add a warning displayed by dpkg-genchanges if the current version is
     smaller than the previous one. Closes: #4655
   * Add -d and -c options in dpkg-checkbuilddeps to override
     build-depends/conflicts. Closes: #114774
   * Include list of libraries in dpkg-gensymbols' warning about new/lost
   * Add -R option to dpkg-buildpackage so that one can replace the usual
     "debian/rules" by something else. Closes: #355654
   * Always list all binary packages in the Description: field of .changes
     files. It's nice for reviewers and mentors.debian.net was using this field
     on source only uploads to display short description of what the package is
   * Handle the case when the library has a different SONAME than the one used
     to find it. Closes: #462413
   * Fix Dpkg::Version and Dpkg::Fields::Object to import _g() from
     Dpkg::Gettext. Thanks to Adam Heath and Olivier Berger for spotting
     this. Closes: #465651
   * Change PATH during make check to look into build directories containing
     dpkg and the related scripts. Thanks to Mike Frysinger. Closes: #466957
   * Some lintian cleanup:
     - add overrides for some useless I: tags
     - drop unused overrides
     - updated several manual pages to fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign
     - fixed manpage-has-errors-from-man in several manual pages
     - removed empty debian/dpkg.prerm
   * Removed old upgrade code from dpkg's preinst and postinst which only
     concerns upgrading from dpkg version older than the one in oldstable
     already. And thus we get rid of old the last usage of read in those
     scripts (fixes lintian's warning read-in-maintainer-script).
   * Removed sorting of dependencies in dpkg-gencontrol and dpkg-source. But
     kept it for all other fields (Enhances, Conflicts, Replaces, Breaks,
     Build-Conflicts and Build-Conflicts-Indep).
   * Instead changed dpkg-shlibdeps to sort the dependencies generated in
     ${shlibs:*} variables.
   * Changed the logic of simplification of dependencies: if any dependency
     must be discarded due to another dependency appearing further
     in the field, the superseding dependency will take the place of the
     discarded one. Added a test case for this.
   * dpkg-shlibdeps properly accounts usage of symbols provided by private
     libraries without SONAME. Closes: #469838
   * Add a new warning to dpkg-shlibdeps when a library NEEDED is in fact
     not used by any of the binaries analyzed. Closes: #472332
   * Add a new --warnings=<value> option to select the set of warnings to
     activate. By default, do not activate the warning about useless
     libraries at the binary level (instead the new warning above is activated
     by default: it's less strict and more useful).
   * dpkg-source has been heavily refactored to make it easier to support
     multiple source package formats. Several new source package formats have
     been added:
     - the format "2.0" is the original wig&pen
     - the format "3.0 (quilt)" is based on 2.0. It uses a tarball for the
       debian directory and can thus include binary files. Binaries
       outside of the debian directory can be also included if they
       are listed in debian/source/include-binaries (and option
       --include-binaries will generate this file automatically).
       Closes: #4588, #4628
     - thus it will also preserve timestamps on Debian-provided
       documentation like README.Debian. Closes: #366555
     - it handles an explicit series of patches and the patch can thus be
       named without constraints. Patches can contain arbitrary
       headers/comments between file chunks. Closes: #363018
     - it ignores changes on a number of temporary and VCS-specific files
       by default. Closes: #203792, #323909
     - the patches in debian/patches can remove files. Closes: #12564
     - the patches are applied at unpack time. Closes: #463048
     - the formats "3.0 (quilt/native)" don't include VCS directories by
       default. Closes: #435126
     - the format "3.0 (custom)" can be used to create a source package
       containing arbitrary files. It's useful for helper tools that can
       generate the files by themselves in a more efficient way
       (like all the *-buildpackage tools). Closes: #246918
     - the formats "3.0 (git/bzr)" are experimental formats based
       on corresponding VCS repositories. Thanks to Joey Hess and Colin Watson
   * dpkg-source has a new --no-check option. It disables GPG check and
     checksums checks. Closes: #220758
   * dpkg-shlibdeps is now able to look into directories containing libraries
     used by cross-built binaries provided that the right environment variable
     are set. Closes: #453267
   * Change default value of LDFLAGS (set by dpkg-buildpackage) to ''
     instead of '-Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions'. It's safer at this point of the
     release cycle.
   * dpkg-buildpackage will set PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR (but not override an existing
     value) in case of cross-compilation so that pkgconfig finds .pc files
     in the directory specific to the target architecture. Closes: #439979
   [ Frank Lichtenheld ]
   * Add a warning in dpkg-buildpackage if the build-dependencies are not
     satisfied during -S. Closes: #445552
   * Add a missing space in the German scripts translation. Closes: #463398
   * Add improved deb-shlibs.5 manual page by Zack Weinberg. Closes: #466135
   * dpkg-buildpackage exports some build related environment variables
     now. Based on a patch by Matthias Klose. Closes: #465282
     (See dpkg-buildpackage(1) and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistCompilerFlags
      for details)
   * Add support for use of SHA1 and SHA256 checksums in .dsc and
     .changes files. Information will be available in Checksums-Sha{1,256}
     fields. .changes format version increased to 1.8.
   * Link dselect against libncursesw. Closes: #466321
   * Forward port a patch from the old changelog parser to the new
     one that got lost during the transition. '+' and '.' can now
     be used in distribution names yet again. Reported by dann frazier.
     Closes: #467470
   [ Updated dpkg translations ]
   * Korean (Changwoo Ryu).
   * Polish (Robert Luberda).
   * Romanian (Eddy Petrişor).
   * Slovak (Ivan Masár). Closes: #471342
   * Swedish (Peter Karlsson).
   * Thai (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan). Closes: #468916
   [ Updated manpages translations ]
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
   * Polish (Robert Luberda).
   * Swedish (Peter Karlsson).
   [ Updated dselect translations ]
   * Basque. (Piarres beobide). Closes: #462403
   [ Updated scripts translations ]
   * German (Helge Kreutzmann).
   * Polish (Robert Luberda).
   * Swedish (Peter Karlsson).
   [ Updated dselect translations ]
   * Polish (Robert Luberda).
   * Romanian (Eddy Petrişor).
 56444961ee40787d3ea5021dcc06a876 1205 admin required dpkg_1.14.17.dsc
 0ca6340578ada3e552d65da20a156f63 6379035 admin required dpkg_1.14.17.tar.gz
 358289c629a4b576fc2b442c7651a415 2122620 admin required dpkg_1.14.17_i386.deb
 84ab760fccbd19f8471d0699adbcd5a0 736746 admin optional dselect_1.14.17_i386.deb
 faca7bfb16abe077738e7607379d64ec 626054 utils optional dpkg-dev_1.14.17_all.deb
 cac35895c30cbd70ab57139306353ee0168aa29e 968 dpkg_1.14.17.dsc
 15faa3d798821d27b05fc09a3250fb26bacfb4a4 6379035 dpkg_1.14.17.tar.gz
 fc2c83f6f73b59dd173d944ad2dbf456725b6728 2122620 dpkg_1.14.17_i386.deb
 22214ad294485c59baa3c268d89f44e4e7e5b76f 736746 dselect_1.14.17_i386.deb
 913250129eef33396fcbed06aa051d5d19d3460c 626054 dpkg-dev_1.14.17_all.deb
 59d7e12cf3ab6096a27c87b3181a9c950574398dd38c83afbad5493035b581f4 968 dpkg_1.14.17.dsc
 9c45ae389e305a76070340415169383ae1126c1e7e77376c16feaf35cc40b6d2 6379035 dpkg_1.14.17.tar.gz
 4e8f8a1d24aaa7584fc94aaa7f40d87b4a8bf66bfdc31cc2a4a6a0b66c656c2d 2122620 dpkg_1.14.17_i386.deb
 4b788d10b1779ea032dea864aebfc7171607c7a5de6a71a39f7b190b679e81a7 736746 dselect_1.14.17_i386.deb
 a598e6468317c6401593c5830fc7c7380f0acdce8dc61c45b07157834c92eb18 626054 dpkg-dev_1.14.17_all.deb

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