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Accepted 3dchess 0.8.1-14 (source powerpc) Accepted a2ps 1:4.14-1 (source i386) Accepted a7xpg 0.11.dfsg1-3 (source all amd64) Accepted abe 1.1-2 (source all i386) Accepted abook 0.5.6-5 (source powerpc) Accepted ace 5.6.2-1 (source all amd64) Accepted ack-grep 1.76-1 (source all) Accepted acpid 1.0.6-5 (source i386) Accepted acx100 20070101-2 (source all) Accepted adanaxisgpl 1.2.2-1 (source i386 all) Accepted adept 3.0~alpha1 (source all i386) Accepted adept 3.0~alpha2 (source all i386) Accepted 0.8.2-1 (source i386) Accepted afuse 0.1.1-3 (source i386) Accepted agave 0.4.4-1 (source i386) Accepted agave 0.4.4-2 (source i386) Accepted 0.28-1 (source i386) Accepted airport-utils 1-7 (source all) Accepted aldo 0.7.5-1 (source i386) Accepted alleyoop 0.9.3-2 (source i386) Accepted alml 2005.01.01-3 (source all) Accepted alpine 0.999999+dfsg-2 (source i386) Accepted alpine 1.0+dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted alpine 1.0+dfsg-2 (source i386) Accepted alpine 1.0+dfsg-3 (source i386) Accepted alsa-driver 1.0.15-4 (source all) Accepted alsa-utils 1.0.15-2 (source i386) Accepted alsaplayer 0.99.80-1 (source i386) Accepted am-utils 6.1.5-8 (source all i386) Accepted am-utils 6.1.5-9 (source all i386) Accepted amavis-stats 0.1.12-9 (source all) Accepted amavisd-new 1:2.5.3-1 (source all amd64) Accepted amide 0.9.1-2 (source i386) Accepted amiga-fdisk 0.04-12 (source i386) Accepted amsn 0.97-1 (source i386) Accepted animals 20031130-2.3 (source amd64) Accepted anjuta 2:2.2.3-3 (source all i386) Accepted anjuta 2:2.3.2-0 (source all i386) Accepted anna 1.29 (source i386) Accepted anon-proxy 00.02.39-8.4 (source i386) Accepted anon-proxy 00.05.38+20080123-1 (source i386) Accepted antlr 2.7.7-2 (source all amd64) Accepted antlr 2.7.7-3 (source all amd64) Accepted anymeal 0.30-6 (source i386) Accepted aolserver4-nsmysql 0.6-3 (source i386) Accepted aolserver4-nsopenssl 3.0beta22-5 (source i386) Accepted aolserver4-nsopenssl 3.0beta26-1 (source i386) Accepted aolserver4-nspostgres 4.5-1 (source i386) Accepted apache2 2.2.8-1 (source i386 all) Accepted apache2-mpm-itk 2.2.6-01-1 (source i386) Accepted apbs 0.5.1-1.1 (source i386) Accepted apcupsd 3.14.3-1 (source all i386) Accepted apoo 2.2-1 (source all) Accepted apr-util 1.2.12+dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted apr-util 1.2.12+dfsg-2 (source i386) Accepted apsfilter 7.2.6-1.2 (source all) Accepted apt 0.7.10 (source all i386) Accepted apt-cacher 1.6.0 (source all) Accepted apt-cacher 1.6.1 (source all) Accepted apt-dpkg-ref 5.2 (source all) Accepted apt-listchanges 2.80 (source all) Accepted apt-listchanges 2.81 (source all) Accepted apt-listchanges 2.82 (source all) Accepted apt-setup 1:0.32 (source all) Accepted apt-show-versions 0.12 (source all) Accepted apt-transport-debtorrent 0.2.0 (source amd64) Accepted aqualung 0.9~beta9-1 (source i386) Accepted aranym 0.9.6beta-1 (source i386) Accepted aranym 0.9.6beta2-1 (source i386) Accepted arcboot (source mips) Accepted ardour 1:2.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted aria2 0.12.0-1 (source i386) Accepted ario 0.3-1 (source i386) Accepted arkhart 0.1.4-8 (source all) Accepted arkrpg 0.1.4b-11 (source i386) Accepted arkrpg 0.1.4b-12 (source i386) Accepted armagetronad (source all i386) Accepted armagetronad 0.3.0-3 (source all i386) Accepted arpalert 2.0.9-2 (source i386) Accepted arson 0.9.8beta2-4.4 (source amd64) Accepted asc (source all i386) Accepted asciidoc 8.2.5-1 (source all) Accepted asclock 2.0.12-8.2 (source all amd64) Accepted asedriveiiie 3.5-2 (source amd64) Accepted aspectj 1.5.4-1 (source all) Accepted aspell 0.60.5-2 (source all i386) Accepted aspell-am 0.03-1-3 (source all) Accepted asql 0.7-1 (source all) Accepted asql 0.8-1 (source all) Accepted asql 0.8-2 (source all) Accepted asterisk 1:1.4.17~dfsg-1 (source all i386) Accepted asterisk 1:1.4.17~dfsg-2 (source all i386) Accepted asymptote 1.40-1 (source all i386) Accepted at (source i386) Accepted atftp 0.7.dfsg-4 (source i386) Accepted atheme-services 3.0.3-1 (source i386) Accepted atl2 2.0.3-2 (source all) Accepted atris 1.0.7.dfsg.1-7.1 (source i386) Accepted audacious 1.4.5-2 (source i386) Accepted audacious-plugins 1.4.4-1 (source i386) Accepted audacity 1.3.4-1.1 (source i386) Accepted aufs 0+20080129-1 (source all i386) Accepted autoconf 2.61-5 (source all) Accepted autocutsel 0.9.0-1 (source i386) Accepted automake1.10 1:1.10.1-1 (source all) Accepted automake1.10 1:1.10.1-2 (source all) Accepted autopartkit 1.29 (source amd64) Accepted avahi 0.6.22-1 (source all amd64) Accepted avahi 0.6.22-2 (source all amd64) Accepted avahi-sharp 0.6.19-2 (source all) Accepted avarice 2.7-2 (source i386) Accepted avrdude 5.5-2 (source all i386) Accepted avscan 3.2.2-openssl-3 (source amd64) Accepted awardeco 0.2-2.1 (source i386) Accepted awesome 2.1-1 (source amd64) Accepted awesome 2.1~rc1-1 (source amd64) Accepted awesome 2.1~rc2-1 (source amd64) Accepted ax25-tools 0.0.8-13 (source amd64) Accepted ax25mail-utils 0.11-6 (source i386) Accepted axel 1.1-1 (source all i386) Accepted ayaspell-dic 0.0.0+20080110-1 (source all) Accepted ayttm 0.5.0+10-7 (source i386) Accepted azureus (source all) Accepted b43-fwcutter 1:008-3 (source amd64) Accepted b43-fwcutter 1:009-1 (source powerpc) Accepted backupninja 0.9.5-3 (source all) Accepted bacula 2.2.8-1 (source all i386) Accepted bacula 2.2.8-2 (source all i386) Accepted bacula 2.2.8-3 (source all i386) Accepted bacula 2.2.8-4 (source all i386) Accepted bacula-doc 2.2.8-1 (source all) Accepted balsa 2.3.21-1 (source amd64) Accepted banshee 0.13.2+dfsg-1 (source all i386) Accepted banshee 0.13.2+dfsg-2 (source all i386) Accepted base-passwd 3.5.17 (source i386) Accepted bashdb (source all) Accepted batik 1.6-4 (source all) Accepted bcm43xx-fwcutter 1:006-4 (source amd64) Accepted beaglefs 1.0.3-2 (source i386) Accepted beaker 0.9-1 (source all) Accepted beast 0.7.1-3 (source amd64) Accepted belpic 2.6.0-3 (source powerpc) Accepted bible-kjv 4.21 (source all i386) Accepted bibtex2html 1.89-1 (source all) Accepted big-cursor 3.7 (source all) Accepted biloba 0.4-3 (source all amd64) Accepted biloba 0.5-1 (source all amd64) Accepted biloba 0.6-1 (source all amd64) Accepted bind9 1:9.4.2-2 (source all i386) Accepted bind9 1:9.4.2-3 (source all i386) Accepted binutils 2.18.1~cvs20080103-1 (source all i386) Accepted binutils-z80 2.18-1 (source i386) Accepted binutils-z80 2.18.0-1 (source i386) Accepted bisonc++ 2.4.1-1 (source i386) Accepted bitbake 1.8.10-1 (source all) Accepted bitbake 1.8.10-2 (source all) Accepted bitbake 1.8.10-3 (source all) Accepted bitpim 1.0.4.dfsg.1-1 (source all amd64) Accepted bitpim 1.0.5.dfsg.1-1 (source all amd64) Accepted blacs-pvm 1.1-18 (source i386) Accepted blas 1.2-1.1 (source all i386) Accepted blas 1.2-1.2 (source all amd64 i386) Accepted blas 1.2-1.3 (source all i386) Accepted bld 0.3.2-3.1 (source i386) Accepted blender 2.45-2 (source i386) Accepted blender 2.45-3 (source i386) Accepted bless 0.5.2-1.1 (source all) Accepted blinkd 0.4.8-0.1 (source amd64) Accepted blitz++ 1:0.9-6.1 (source all i386) Accepted blm 0.9.2-1 (source i386) Accepted blm 0.9.3-1 (source i386) Accepted bluetooth-alsa 0.5cvs20080115-1 (source amd64) Accepted bluez-utils 3.24-1 (source all amd64) Accepted bmagic 3.5.0-1 (source all) Accepted bmpx 0.40.13-1 (source i386) Accepted bmpx 0.40.13-2 (source i386) Accepted bmv 1.2-23 (source i386) Accepted boa-constructor 0.6.1-3 (source all) Accepted bochs 2.3.6-1 (source all i386) Accepted bochs 2.3.6-2 (source all i386) Accepted bodr 6-3 (source all) Accepted bogofilter 1.1.6-2 (source all) Accepted boinc 5.10.30-4 (source i386) Accepted boinc 5.10.30-5 (source i386) Accepted boinc-app-seti 5.13+cvs20060510-4 (source i386) Accepted bonnie++ 1.03c (source i386) Accepted boo (source all) Accepted boo (source all) Accepted boo (source all) Accepted boost-jam 3.1.14-2 (source i386) Accepted bootcd 3.10 (source all) Accepted botan 1.6.3-4 (source i386) Accepted botan-devel 1.7.2-1 (source i386) Accepted bouml 3.4.1-1 (source all amd64) Accepted bouml 3.5-1 (source all amd64) Accepted boxbackup 0.11~rc1-1 (source i386) Accepted brasero 0.7.1-1 (source all i386) Accepted brickos 0.9.0.dfsg-6 (source all i386) Accepted bridge-utils 1.4-1 (source amd64) Accepted brutalchess 0.5.2+dfsg-1 (source amd64) Accepted bsd-mailx 8.1.2-0.20071201cvs-2 (source all i386) Accepted btanks 0.7.5800-1 (source all i386) Accepted btrfs 0.10-1 (source all) Accepted btrfs 0.11-1 (source all) Accepted btrfs-tools 0.10-1 (source i386) Accepted btrfs-tools 0.11-1 (source i386) Accepted buildbot 0.7.6-1 (source all) Accepted bwidget 1.8.0-2 (source all) Accepted bwm 1.1.0-8.2 (source i386) Accepted bzip2 1.0.4-2 (source all amd64) Accepted bzr 1.1~rc1-1 (source i386) Accepted bzr-pqm 0.92.0-1 (source all) Accepted bzr-svn 0.4.6-1 (source all) Accepted bzrtools 1.1.0-1 (source all) Accepted c-repl 0.0.20071223-1 (source i386 amd64) Accepted c2hs 0.15.1-1 (source i386 all) Accepted c2hs 0.15.1-2 (source i386 all) Accepted cableswig 0.1.0+cvs20080107-1 (source i386) Accepted cableswig 0.1.0+cvs20080107-2 (source i386) Accepted cairo 1.4.14-1 (source i386 all) Accepted cairo 1.5.6-1 (source i386 all) Accepted cairo 1.5.8-1 (source i386 all) Accepted cairo-5c 1.0 (source i386) Accepted cairo-5c 1.1 (source i386) Accepted cairo-5c 1.2 (source i386) Accepted cairo-java 1.0.8-7 (source all amd64) Accepted cairo-java 1.0.8-8 (source all amd64) Accepted cairodevice 2.6-1 (source i386) Accepted cakephp (source all) Accepted cakephp1.2 (source all) Accepted cakephp1.2 (source all) Accepted calamaris (source all) Accepted calendar 1.10-3 (source i386) Accepted camlp5 5.06-1 (source i386) Accepted camlp5 5.06-2 (source i386) Accepted caudium 2: (source i386) Accepted caudium 2: (source i386) Accepted ccfits 1.8-1 (source all amd64) Accepted ccfits 1.8-2 (source all amd64) Accepted ccfits 1.8-3 (source all amd64) Accepted ccid 1.3.1-3 (source amd64) Accepted ccid 1.3.2-1 (source amd64) Accepted ccontrol 0.9.1+20071204-2 (source i386) Accepted ccsm 0.6.0-3 (source amd64) Accepted ccsm 0.6.0-4 (source amd64) Accepted ccspatch 1.5.2-20071205-1 (source all) Accepted cdd 0.4.5 (source all) Accepted cdd (source all) Accepted cdebootstrap 0.4.4 (source amd64) Accepted cdrdao 1:1.2.2-11 (source i386) Accepted cdw 0.3.3-2 (source i386) Accepted cegui-mk2 0.5.0-3 (source i386) Accepted cellwriter 1.3.2-1 (source i386) Accepted cellwriter 1.3.3-1 (source i386) Accepted cereal 0.16-3 (source all) Accepted cereal 0.17-1 (source all) Accepted cernlib 2006.dfsg.2-4 (source all i386) Accepted cernlib 2006.dfsg.2-5 (source all i386) Accepted cernlib 2006.dfsg.2-6 (source all i386) Accepted cfitsio3 3.060-1 (source all amd64) Accepted cfitsio3 3.060-2 (source all hppa) Accepted cfs 1.4.1-19 (source powerpc) Accepted cfv 1.18.1-1 (source all) Accepted cgilib 0.5-5 (source i386) Accepted checkgmail 1.13-1 (source all) Accepted checkgmail 1.13-2 (source all) Accepted chemical-mime-data 0.1.94-3 (source all) Accepted cherrypy3 3.0.2-2 (source all) Accepted choose-mirror 2.20 (source all i386) Accepted choose-mirror 2.21 (source all i386) Accepted chron 2.3-17-1 (source i386) Accepted chron 2.3-18-1 (source i386) Accepted chronicle 2.1-1 (source all) Accepted chronicle 2.2-1 (source all) Accepted cjk 4.7.0+git20070708-1.1 (source all i386) Accepted cl-ansi-tests 20071218-1 (source all) Accepted cl-kmrcl 1.98-1 (source all) Accepted cl-plplot 0.4.0-2 (source all) Accepted clamav-data 20080106.011300.5385 (source all) Accepted clamav-data 20080117.012200.5489 (source all) Accepted clamtk 3.06-1 (source all) Accepted clamtk 3.07-1 (source all) Accepted clamtk 3.07-2 (source all) Accepted claws-mail 3.2.0-2 (source all amd64) Accepted claws-mail-extra-plugins 3.2.0-2 (source all amd64) Accepted cli-common 0.5.4 (source all) Accepted cli-common 0.5.5 (source all) Accepted cli-common 0.5.6 (source all) Accepted clips 6.24-2 (source i386 all) Accepted clisp 1:2.43-2 (source all amd64) Accepted clive 0.4.3-1 (source all) Accepted cln 1.2.0-1 (source amd64) Accepted cln 1.2.0~beta4-1 (source amd64) Accepted clock-setup 0.93 (source i386) Accepted clock-setup 0.94 (source i386) Accepted cloop 2.05~20060829-1.1 (source all amd64) Accepted clusterssh 3.22-1 (source all) Accepted cmake 2.4.8-1 (source amd64) Accepted cmap-adobe-cns1 0+20060819-1 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-cns1 0+20060819-2 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-gb1 0+20051207-1 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-gb1 0+20051207-2 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-japan1 0+20071201-1 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-japan1 0+20071201-2 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-japan1 0+20071201-3 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-japan2 0+20020208-4 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-korea1 0+20051109-1 (source all) Accepted cmap-adobe-korea1 0+20051109-2 (source all) Accepted cnews cr.g7-40.2 (source i386) Accepted cntlm 0.35.1-2 (source i386) Accepted codeville 0.8.0-1 (source all) Accepted coherence 0.5.0-1 (source all) Accepted collectd 4.2.4-1 (source all amd64) Accepted colorgcc (source all) Accepted comedi 0.7.75-1 (source all) Accepted comedi 0.7.75-2 (source all) Accepted comedilib 0.8.1-1 (source i386) Accepted comedilib 0.8.1-2 (source i386) Accepted comixcursors 0.5.0-1 (source all) Accepted commons-beanutils 1.8.0~beta-1 (source all) Accepted compiz 0.6.3~git20071222.061ff159-1 (source all amd64) Accepted compizconfig-python (source amd64) Accepted complearn-gui 1.0.6-2 (source i386) Accepted complearn-gui 1.0.6-3 (source i386) Accepted complearn-gui 1.0.6-4 (source i386) Accepted concalc 0.9.0-2 (source i386) Accepted conduit 0.3.6-1 (source all) Accepted confuse 2.6-2 (source amd64) Accepted console-data 2:1.05-1 (source all) Accepted console-setup 1.20 (source all) Accepted console-setup 1.21 (source all) Accepted context 2008.01.02-1 (source all) Accepted control-center 1:2.20.3-1 (source all i386) Accepted coolkey 1.1.0-4 (source amd64) Accepted coq 8.1.pl3+dfsg-1 (source all i386) Accepted coq-float 1:8.1-1.0-4 (source all) Accepted coreutils 5.97-5.7 (source all amd64) Accepted coreutils 6.10-1 (source i386) Accepted coreutils 6.10-2 (source i386) Accepted coreutils 6.10-3 (source i386) Accepted courier (source all i386) Accepted cowbell (source i386) Accepted cpio 2.9-8 (source all i386) Accepted cpio 2.9-9 (source all i386) Accepted cproto 4.7f-1 (source i386) Accepted cpuburn 1.4-27 (source amd64) Accepted cpufire-applet 1.4-2 (source i386) Accepted crash 4.0-4.13-1 (source amd64) Accepted crm114 20070810-3 (source amd64) Accepted cron 3.0pl1-101 (source i386) Accepted cron 3.0pl1-102 (source i386) Accepted cron 3.0pl1-103 (source i386) Accepted crosshurd 1.7.29 (source all) Accepted cryptgps 0.2.1-4 (source i386) Accepted crystalcursors 1.1.1-9 (source all) Accepted crystalspace 1.2-20080109-1 (source i386 all) Accepted crystalspace 1.2-20080110-1 (source i386 all) Accepted crystalspace 1.2-20080111-1 (source i386 all) Accepted crystalspace 1.2-20080112-1 (source i386 all) Accepted cunit 2.1-0.dfsg-7 (source all i386) Accepted curl 7.18.0-1 (source amd64) Accepted curlftpfs 0.9.1-3 (source i386) Accepted cvs 1:1.12.13-10 (source i386) Accepted cvsgraph 1.6.1-1 (source amd64) Accepted cvxopt 0.9.2-1 (source i386) Accepted cwdaemon 0.9.4-3 (source i386) Accepted cwidget (source i386 all) Accepted cwidget 0.5.7-1 (source i386 all) Accepted cwidget 0.5.8-1 (source i386 all) Accepted cwiid 0.6.00-3 (source amd64) Accepted cx-bsdiff 1.1-5 (source i386) Accepted cyrus-sasl2 2.1.22.dfsg1-17 (source all i386) Accepted cyrus-sasl2-heimdal 2.1.22.dfsg1-17 (source i386) Accepted cython (source all) Accepted d-feet 0.1.8-1 (source all) Accepted dancer-services (source i386) Accepted darcs-buildpackage 0.5.12 (source i386) Accepted darkstat 3.0.707-2 (source amd64) Accepted dash 0.5.4-6 (source all) Accepted db 4.6.21-5 (source all) Accepted dblatex 0.2.8-5 (source all) Accepted dctrl2xml 0.10 (source all) Accepted dctrl2xml 0.9 (source all) Accepted ddccontrol 0.4.2-4 (source i386) Accepted deb-gview 0.1.5 (source amd64) Accepted debconf 1.5.18 (source all) Accepted debconf 1.5.19 (source all) Accepted debhelper 6.0.0 (source all) Accepted debhelper 6.0.1 (source all) Accepted debhelper 6.0.2 (source all) Accepted debhelper 6.0.3 (source all) Accepted debhelper 6.0.4 (source all) Accepted debian-edu 0.824 (source i386) Accepted debian-installer-utils 1.52 (source all i386) Accepted debian-maintainers 1.13 (source all) Accepted debian-maintainers 1.14 (source all) Accepted debian-maintainers 1.15 (source all) Accepted debian-maintainers 1.16 (source all) Accepted debian-maintainers 1.17 (source all) Accepted debian-reference 1.12 (source all) Accepted debootstrap 1.0.8 (source all) Accepted debtorrent 0.1.5 (source all) Accepted debtorrent 0.1.6 (source all) Accepted decibel-audio-player 0.08-1 (source all) Accepted decibel-audio-player 0.09-1 (source all) Accepted decoratortools 1.6-1 (source all) Accepted deluge-torrent 0.5.8-1 (source i386) Accepted denyhosts 2.6-3 (source all) Accepted desktop-base 4.0.5 (source all) Accepted desktop-base 4.0.6 (source all) Accepted desktop-file-utils 0.14-1 (source i386) Accepted desktop-file-utils 0.14-2 (source i386) Accepted devhelp 0.17-1 (source all i386) Accepted devhelp 0.18-1 (source all i386) Accepted devmapper 2:1.02.24-1 (source amd64) Accepted devmapper 2:1.02.24-2 (source amd64) Accepted devmapper 2:1.02.24-3 (source i386) Accepted devscripts 2.10.12 (source i386) Accepted devscripts 2.10.13 (source i386) Accepted devtodo 0.1.20-1 (source i386) Accepted devtodo 0.1.20-2 (source i386) Accepted dfo 0.7+svn45-3 (source all) Accepted dfsbuild (source i386) Accepted dh-make-perl 0.38 (source all) Accepted dhcdbd 3.0-2 (source i386) Accepted dhcp3 3.1.0-1 (source i386) Accepted dhcp3 3.1.0-2 (source i386) Accepted dhis-dns-engine 5.3-1 (source amd64) Accepted dhis-server 5.3-1 (source amd64) Accepted di 4.12.dfsg.1-1 (source amd64) Accepted diagnostics 0.2.2 (source i386) Accepted dicomnifti 2.28.10-2 (source i386) Accepted dicomnifti 2.28.11-1 (source i386) Accepted dictd 1.10.10.dfsg-1 (source i386) Accepted dictd 1.10.2.dfsg-4 (source i386) Accepted dictd 1.10.2.dfsg-5 (source i386) Accepted dictionaries-common 0.90.1 (source all) Accepted dictionaries-common 0.90.3 (source all) Accepted digikam 2:0.9.3-1 (source amd64) Accepted digitemp 3.3.2-2.1 (source i386) Accepted dillo 0.8.6-2 (source amd64) Accepted directfb 1.0.1-6 (source i386) Accepted discover-data 2.2008.01.12 (source all) Accepted disksearch 1.2.1-2 (source all) Accepted dissy 6-2 (source all) Accepted dissy 7-1 (source all) Accepted djvulibre 3.5.20-3 (source i386) Accepted doc-base 0.8.9 (source all) Accepted doc-iana 20080101-1 (source all) Accepted dog 1.7-9 (source amd64) Accepted dome 4.80-5 (source i386) Accepted dot2tex 2.7.0-1 (source all) Accepted dovecot 1:1.0.10-2 (source amd64) Accepted dpatch 2.0.29 (source all) Accepted dpkg 1.14.15 (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg 1.14.16 (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg (source i386 all) Accepted dpkg-www 2.53 (source all) Accepted dput (source all) Accepted dput (source all) Accepted drbd8 2:8.0.8-1 (source all amd64) Accepted drbd8 2:8.2.4-1 (source all amd64) Accepted drift 2.2.1-3 (source i386) Accepted droidbattles 1.0.6-5 (source i386) Accepted drpython 165-6 (source all) Accepted drscheme 1:372-1 (source amd64) Accepted drupal 4.7.11-1 (source all) Accepted drupal5 5.6-1 (source all) Accepted drupal5 5.6-2 (source all) Accepted dsdp 5.8-3 (source all i386) Accepted dspam 3.6.8-5.1 (source i386 all) Accepted dspam 3.6.8-6 (source i386 all) Accepted dtc-xen 0.3.9-1 (source all) Accepted dumpasn1 20030222-3 (source i386) Accepted dvipdfmx 1:20071115-1 (source i386) Accepted dvipng 1.9-6 (source i386) Accepted dvipsk-ja 5.96+jp1.7a-3 (source i386) Accepted dwm 4.7-3 (source i386) Accepted e2fsprogs 1.40.4-1 (source i386) Accepted e2fsprogs 1.40.5-1 (source i386) Accepted e2fsprogs 1.40.5-2 (source i386) Accepted ebug-http 0.31-2 (source all) Accepted ebview 0.3.6-8 (source i386) Accepted ecj 3.3.0+0728-6 (source all amd64 arm) Accepted ecj 3.3.0+0728-7 (source all i386) Accepted ecj 3.3.0+0728-8 (source all i386) Accepted ecryptfs-utils 38-1 (source i386) Accepted ecryptfs-utils 38-2 (source i386) Accepted edac-utils 0.10-2 (source i386) Accepted editmoin 1.9.1-1 (source all) Accepted editobj 0.5.7-7 (source all) Accepted eel2 2.20.0-3 (source all amd64) Accepted eel2 2.20.0-4 (source all amd64) Accepted ehcache 1.4.0~beta2-1 (source all) Accepted einstein 2.0.dfsg.2-5 (source i386) The last update was on 06:48 GMT Sat Apr 22. 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