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Hi from DPL

Hi Debian community,

thank you to all who voted for DPL candidates, regardless of your actual
prefered candidate. I'm grateful that a majority placed their trust in
me. I'm committed to serving to the best of my abilities as Debian
Project Leader.

I want to extend special thanks to Sruthi Chandran. I hold her candidacy
for DPL in the highest regard. Having met her personally at two
DebConfs, I am confident that she would also make an excellent DPL. I
look forward to collaborating with Sruthi in any areas where she feels
her expertise can contribute.

As part of my commitment to transparency in fulfilling my duties as DPL,
I intend to maintain a daily log in Git[1]. This practice hopefully will
assist me in recalling important information for inclusion in the
monthly 'Bits from DPL' updates.

My next steps involve reaching out to delegated teams[2] to inquire
about any issues they may be facing that require my attention. I
encourage anyone to feel free to contact me directly. I am committed to
responding in a timely manner. Additionally, I want to stress that it is
perfectly acceptable to follow up after two weeks if you deem your issue
urgent and have not received a response from me.

Thanks again for your trust

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/tille/dpl-log
[2] https://www.debian.org/intro/organization


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