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Debian Policy released

Hello everyone,

I just pushed version of the Debian Policy Manual and related
documents to sid.  Below you will find the significant normative changes
from the previously announced release of Policy (4.4.1).

Policy "encouragement" should be understood as normatively weaker than
Policy recommendations ("should").  A future release of Policy will
formalise Policy's use of 'encouraged'.  I did not want to delay
releasing Policy's incorporation of the results of the GR on that


    When maintainers choose a new hardcoded or dynamically generated
    username for packages to use, they should start this username with
    an underscore.

    Packages that include system services should include ``systemd``
    service units to start or stop those services.

    Including an init script is encouraged if there is no systemd
    unit, and optional if there is (previously, it was recommended).

    In the common case that a package includes a single system
    service, the service unit should have the same name as the package
    plus the ".service" extension.  If an init script is included, it
    should have the same name as the systemd unit.

    It is encouraged for init scripts to support the ``status``
    argument (previously, it was recommended).

    Use of update-rc.d is required if the package includes an init
    script (previously, Policy said in one place that it was required,
    and in another said that it was recommended).

Sean Whitton

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