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Bits from the Debian Community Team (Jan 2020)

Welcome to the latest Bits from the Debian Community Team!

It's been a while since we last spoke about what we've been up
to. It's been a busy few months, and we have quite a lot to report.

* We've been thinking a lot about how we want to move forward with the
  team, and appreciate all the feedback we've gotten on various email
  threads. We'll be providing you with an update soon. We have spent a
  lot of time discussing internally and with other members of the
  Debian community and Debian leadership about our proposed mandate
  and what the community needs and what we're capable of.

* We ran a well-attended BoF session at DebConf, where with the help
  of the ever-awesome DC video team we managed to have all the team
  taking part - Steve in person in Brazil, and Molly and Tina
  remotely. We had some good conversations about the team's role and
  goals there, and also found some more volunteers!

* On that front, we're pleased to welcome two new members to the team:
  Andy Simpkins (RattusRattus) and Luke Faraone (lfaraone). They have
  both done great work in and outside of the Debian community, and
  we're looking forward to working together.

* Less happily, Martina has recently resigned from the team. We would
  like to thank her for all her efforts over recent years - without
  her passion and hard work, the team would have failed some time ago.

* Molly has decided to take a hiatus from the team for a while. She
  has been a great, reliable team member for a long time, and we hope
  to see her back helping again at some point soon.

In the last few months, we had several incidents reported, and have
been following lots of discussions:

* 19 incidents/issues reported.

* Of those, roughly half (9) were issues that led to us discussing
  things with community members.

* We judged that a smaller number (6) did not merit further action.

* Finally, a few contacts were mis-targeted, and we redirected the
  reporters to talk to other Debian teams instead.

In the background, we've continued ongoing conversations with various
Debian community members looking to find better ways to communicate
with others.

Last (but definitely not least!): We're continuing to look for more
volunteers to help in the Community Team. While we strongly believe
that making Debian a good and welcoming place for collaboration is a
responsibility of *all* members of our community, there's also a need
for dedicated people to assist when things are not working so well. If
you think you'd like to help, please contact us - we promise not to
bite! :-)


Steve, for the Community Team

Steve McIntyre                                          93sam@debian.org
Debian Community Team                               community@debian.org

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