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miniDebConf19 Vaumarcus - Oct 25-27 2019 - Registration is open

Dear Debian people,

The Vaumarcus miniDebConf19 is happening! Come see the fantastic view from the 
shores of Lake Neuchâtel, in Switzerland! We're going to have two-and-a-half 
days of presentations and hacking in this marvelous venue and anybody 
interested in Debian development is welcome.

# Registration is open

Registration is open now, and free, so go add your name and details on the 
Debian wiki:

We'll accept registrations until late, but don't wait too much before making 
your travel plans! We have you covered with a lot of attendee information 


# Sponsors wanted

We're looking for sponsors willing to help making this event possible; to help 
making it easier for anyone interested to attend. We have not yet decided upon 
sponsor categories and benefits, but come talk to us already if you can help!

# More hands wanted

Things are on a good track, but we need more help. Specifically, Content, Bar, 
Sponsoring and Attendee support would benefit from more hands.

# Get in touch

We gather on the #debian.ch channel on irc.debian.org and the debian-
switzerland@lists.debian.org list. For more private matters, talk to 

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you in Vaumarcus!

For the Vaumarcus miniDebConf19 orga team,

    Didier 'OdyX' Raboud

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