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Misc Developer News (#49)

The news are collected on https://wiki.debian.org/DeveloperNews
Please contribute short news about your work/plans/subproject.

In this issue:
 + Self-service buildd givebacks
 + Removal of the mips architecture
 + Superficial package testing
 + Debian Developers Reference now maintained as ReStructuredText
 + Scope of debian-mentors broadened to help with infrastructure questions
 + Hiding package tracker action items

Self-service buildd givebacks

 Philipp Kern has created[1] an *experimental* service that allows Debian
 members to perform self-service retries of failed package builds (aka
 give-backs). This service aims to reduce the time it takes for give-back
 requests to be processed, which was done manually by the wanna-build
 admins until now. The service is authenticated using the Debian Single
 Signon[2] service. Debian members are still expected to act responsibly
 when looking at build failures; do your due diligence and try reproducing
 the issue on a porterbox first. Access to this service is logged and logs
 will be audited by the admins.

  -- Paul Wise

 [1] https://debblog.philkern.de/2019/08/alpha-self-service-buildd-givebacks.html
 [2] https://sso.debian.org/

Removal of the mips architecture

 Aurelien Jarno recently proposed[3] the mips architecture (supporting
 32-bit big-endian MIPS CPUs) for removal and then got it removed[4]. This
 removal affects bullseye and sid but not buster or stretch. Please
 prepare to migrate your MIPS hardware to mipsel or mips64el, much recent
 MIPS hardware (such as Octeon CPUs) supports endian switching at runtime
 and can therefore be supported by the other MIPS ports.

 The removal was due to the limited 2GB virtual address space and because
 the architecture is one of the last big-endian architecture Debian
 supports, the porting effort became increasingly difficult. On the other
 hand the level of interest for this architecture is going down, and with
 it the human resources available for porting is going down.

  -- Paul Wise

 [3] https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/20190720104654.GA25138@aurel32.net
 [4] https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/20190820131758.GB23914@aurel32.net

Superficial package testing

 A number of Debian packages use `cmd --version` or `cmd --help` as an
 autopkgtest. This solely tests the command-line and options parsing of
 the command but does not test any significant functionality of the
 command. Such tests do not provide significant test coverage, so if they
 pass, that does not necessarily mean that the package under test is
 actually functional in any useful way. autopkgtest supports marking such
 tests with the superficial tag[5] for the Restrictions field. Please
 check your package tests and make sure they are using Restrictions:
 superficial where appropriate. A request for a lintian complaint for
 common cases of this issue has been filed[6] but many of the superficial
 tests in Debian will not be detectable by lintian because doing so would
 require parsing shell and deciding what it tests and if that is
 superficial or not.

 Superficial tests are useful to detect severe breakage but please also
 ensure that your package has some non-superficial tests that actually
 test significant functionality of your package.

  -- Paul Wise

 [5] https://salsa.debian.org/ci-team/autopkgtest/blob/master/doc/README.package-tests.rst#L302
 [6] https://bugs.debian.org/932862

Debian Developers Reference now maintained as ReStructuredText

 After 22 years of the Debian Developers Reference being maintained as an
 SGML document, the sources are now maintained as ReStructuredText, while
 the translations remain .po files.

 Please note that this is work in progress and that there will be bugs.
 Please do file them, with or without patches.

 Big kudos and many thanks to Osamu Aoki for doing most of the work on
 this. Obviously also many thanks to everyone else involved, both upstream
 and in Debian!

  -- Holger Levsen

Scope of debian-mentors broadened to help with infrastructure questions

 Debian-mentors explicitly endorses questions about Debian infrastructure
 projects on the mailinglist[7] and IRC channel[8]. This is the result of
 a discussion[9] on debian-project and debian-mentors. There seems to be
 some consensus that such infrastructure projects are the ones in Debian
 that most badly need more contributors. At the same time, our
 infrastructure projects/teams have a rather high entry barrier.
 Apparently, one reason is that understaffed teams with high workload
 usually lack the time and resources to mentor new contributors. This
 basically means that new contributors can send their questions regarding
 Debian infrastructure projects to debian-mentors, *and* infrastructure
 groups that lack the time to reply to newbie questions are invited to
 redirect those questions there.

 The debian-mentors FAQ[10] has been updated accordingly.

  -- Jonas Meurer

 [7] https://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/
 [8] irc://irc.debian.org/debian-mentors
 [9] https://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2019/06/msg00040.html
 [10] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMentorsFaq#Infrastructure_Projects

Hiding package tracker action items

 The Debian package tracker lists action items for each package. Some of
 these may not apply to individual visitors to the package tracker. For
 example, people who have enough packages to maintain already probably
 don't want to see suggestions to adopt orphaned dependencies of packages.
 The Debian package tracker now[11] applies an action-item-* CSS class to
 each action item representing the type of the action item. You can use
 this via the Stylus WebExtension[12] (not yet[13] in Debian) or Firefox's
 userContent.css[14]. For example, this CSS will hide items suggesting
 adoption of orphaned dependencies:

 .action-item-debian-depneedsmaint { display: none; }

  -- Paul Wise

 [11] https://salsa.debian.org/qa/distro-tracker/commit/332a4cdb7c020d504cbb576d4b45f4113b656a1c
 [12] https://add0n.com/stylus.html
 [13] https://bugs.debian.org/904577
 [14] http://kb.mozillazine.org/index.php?title=UserContent.css



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