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Debian Installer Buster Alpha 5 release

The Debian Installer team[1] is pleased to announce the fifth alpha
release of the installer for Debian 10 "Buster".

Important change in this release

The Debian Installer team is happy to report that the Buster Alpha 5
release of the installer includes some initial support for UEFI Secure
Boot in Debian's installation media.

This support is not yet complete, and we would like to request some
help! A detailed article with more background about Secure Boot and
with a pointer to instructions on how to test and report findings has
been published:


Improvements in this release

 * btrfs-progs:
    - Add support for libzstd.
 * cdebconf:
    - Notify gtk-font-set of the zoom factor.
 * debian-installer:
    - Bump Linux kernel ABI from 4.18.0-3 to 4.19.0-1.
 * debootstrap:
    - Add runtime optimizations (#871835).
 * fonts-noto:
    - Fix Gujarati support by including Noto Serif Gujarati in main
      udeb package (#911705, #915825).
 * grub-installer:
    - Add support for shim-signed and grub-efi-amd64-signed, default
      to installing signed packages on amd64.
 * grub2:
    - Add luks modules to signed UEFI images (#908162).
    - Backport Xen PVH guest support from upstream (#776450).
    - Improve arm/arm64 initrd handling (#907596, #909420, #915091).
    - Don't enforce Shim signature validation if Secure Boot is
 * localechooser:
    - Add missing English string "Choose language" to some
      translations: Bosnian, Hungarian, Tajik.
 * partconf:
    - Remove reiserfs support (#717534).
 * partman-lvm:
    - Fix invalid characters in volume group names (#911036).
 * partman-md:
    - When creating a new RAID1/5/6/10 array, start syncing at the
      minimum speed allowed by the system, instead of letting it run
      at full speed, slowing down package installation (#838503).
 * rootskel-gtk:
    - Use Noto Serif Gujarati font for Gujarati (#911705, #915825).
    - Apply font zoom set by cdebconf shortcut.
 * win32-loader:
    - Embed debian-archive-removed-keys keyring to ensure signature
      verification is performed successfully.
 * wpa:
    - Re-enable TLSv1.0 and security level 1 for wpasupplicant
      (#907518, #911297).

Hardware support changes

 * debian-installer:
    - [arm64] Use arm-trusted-firmware instead of atf-allwinner to
      build pine64_plus and pinebook images.
    - [armhf] Re-enable Firefly-RK3288 image.
    - [armhf] Update Build-Depends for u-boot-rockchip.
 * flash-kernel:
    - Add machine db entry for Odroid HC1 (#916980).
    - Add machine db entry for Seagate Blackarmor NAS220 (#918193).
 * linux:
    - udeb: Define mtd-core-modules package to contain MTD core if not
    - udeb: Move MTD core from nic-modules to mtd-core-modules.
 * partman-partitioning:
    - Set the default disklabel type for RISC-V-based systems to gpt.

Localization status

 * 76 languages are supported in this release.
 * Full translation for 31 of them.

Known bugs in this release

 * The installer is still using Stretch theme, but the theme for
   Buster (futurePrototype) is being integrated and should be
   available in the next release.
 * The nano editor advertises some buggy shortcuts (#915017).

See the errata[2] for details and a full list of known issues.

Feedback for this release

We need your help to find bugs and further improve the installer,
so please try it. Installer CDs, other media and everything else you
will need are available at our web site[3].


The Debian Installer team thanks everybody who has contributed to this

 1. https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Team
 2. https://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/errata
 3. https://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer

Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org)            <https://debamax.com/>
D-I release manager -- Release team member -- Freelance Consultant

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