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Debian Policy released

Hello everyone,

I have uploaded Debian Policy to sid.  Thank you to everyone who
participated in preparing this release.

Here are the significant normative changes from the previously announced
release of Policy (4.2.1):

2.3 & 4.5
    In cases where a package's distribution license explicitly permits
    its copyright information to be excluded from distributions of
    binaries built from the source, a verbatim copy of the package's
    copyright information should normally still be included in the
    copyright file, but it need not be if creating and maintaining a
    copy of that information involves significant time and effort.

    Required targets must not write outside of the unpacked source
    package tree, except for TMPDIR, /tmp and /var/tmp.

    Packages should not contain a non-default series file.  That is,
    dpkg's vendor-specific patch series feature should not be used for
    packages in the Debian archive.

    Binaries should be stripped using
    ``strip --strip-unneeded --remove-section=.comment --remove-section=.note``
    (as dh_strip already does).

    It is no longer suggested nor recommended to use ``install -s`` to
    strip binaries, because it gets several things wrong.

    When stripping shared libraries with strip(1), you should
    additionally pass
    ``--remove-section=.comment --remove-section=.note``
    (as dh_strip already does).

    New ``dbus-session-bus`` and ``default-dbus-session-bus`` virtual
    packages for a package providing the D-Bus session bus, and for
    Debian's preferred D-Bus implementation, respectively.

Sean Whitton

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