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Bits from the Debian Anti-harassment team

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Dear Debian Community,

Welcome to another edition of Bits from the Anti-harassment team. This
is an opportunity for you to learn about what we've been up to
recently (former reports of the team are linked in our wiki page [1]).

[1]  https://wiki.debian.org/AntiHarassment

Recent activity:

    * We had two emails brought to our attention, with parties
concerned about the language used in them. In both cases we decided to
not respond, as others on the lists had done so themselves. Thank you
for being proactive and contributing to making Debian a better
    * We were requested to advice on the appropriateness of a certain
package in the Debian archive. Our decision resulted in the package
pending removal from the archive.
    * We received one piece of harassing email directed at us. We took
no action on this.
    * We were contacted about inappropriate use of language on Planet
Debian. The blog in question has been removed.
    * We were asked for opinion on disciplinary action against a
Debian Developer, and we presented our view of the issue to DAM.
    * We are in touch with DAM about a case of persistent problematic
communication and harassment.
    * We also fielded several questions from people looking for advice
on the best course of action for them to take in a variety of

As a reminder, please be respectful and civil of one another. We
consider this to extend to individuals beyond the Debian community
when you interact with them as Debian members and contributors. This
includes respecting the wishes of those who want to be left alone or
out of conversations, avoiding personal attacks, assuming best
intentions, and acting and communicating yourself with best intentions
to do no harm. We have added some hints in our wiki page that may help
about language and community interactions (section Further info).

If you're worried someone is being inappropriate, no matter how big or
how small the situation, please consider contacting A-H first. We
volunteered specifically for this task, and we'll do our best on
having a shorter turnover time for emails and de-escalate or escalate
when needed. If you're concerned you might be taking an inappropriate
course of action, and want to talk with someone about it, feel free to
email A-H or contact any of us individually.

We're looking to change our name! We want you to know that that we're
your friendly neighbourhood team here to help Debian be the welcoming
community we all want it to be. Please send any suggestions to
antiharassment@debian.org, and hopefully by the next email we'll have
an exciting, clearer name.

As an additional note, Laura Arjona Reina will be leaving the AH team
in early 2019. We really appreciate everything she has done (and
continues to do) for Debian. We are still looking for new members to
the team; please get in touch if you think you might be able to help,
or if you want to suggest somebody.

larjona, mollydb, and tincho


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