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vmdebootstrap going away in September, switch now

In September 2018, I will request that vmdebootstrap be removed from
Debian. Please switch to a better tool now. From the NEWS file:

   vmdebootstrap is not going to be included in the release of Debian
   buster. Please switch to another tool for building Debian system
   images automatically, such as vmdb2, debos, or FAI. You have until
   September, 2018.

   The reason for this is that vmdebootstrap has a software architecture
   that makes it difficult to modify or test. Many desirable changes to
   vmdebootstrap are so hard to make that its author doesn't even want to
   contemplate them. Worse, fixing some of the known bugs are difficult.

   Because of this, the vmdebootstrap upstream author and Debian package
   maintainer will get vmdebootstrap removed from Debian before the
   buster release. Bugs in vmdebootstrap are unlikely to be fixed, unless
   they have no workaround and threaten user data or are a security

   vmdb2 is the second attempt by the vmdebootstrap author to write a
   tool for building Debian system images. It is much more flexible than
   the first attempt, and much easier to modify. Unfortunately, the same
   things that make vmdebootstrap hard to maintain make it hard to add
   backwards compatibility to vmdb2 for command line and configuration
   file syntax. vmdb2 is not a drop-in replacement. You'll have to re-do
   all the image creation work with vmdb2.

   There are many other tools for the same purpose. You may want to
   compare several and pick the one you 

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