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Bits from NM Front Desk: application managers needed


We find ourselves with a long queue of applicants to be Debian Developers
who are waiting for an application manager to become available, and our
busiest time of year fast approaching. You can help!

Task description

Application managers are responsible for starting a conversation with a
prospective Debian Developer and recommending whether they should go forward
to become DDs. This should already be the case, so although a little patience
is sometimes required this is not a mentoring excercise. Some research into
the applicant's past contributions is also required.

The majority of applicants are recommended by their AM.

A number of templated questions are available covering various topics, but
we encourage AMs to tailor them to the applicant and use them as a
basis for discussion rather than a "box-tick" excercise.

Simplified process

If you were put off in the past by a complex process with lots of reporting
writing, have no fear. The co-ordination site has been much improved and
includes the following features:

  - click-button process handling
  - easy collation of changelogs and other research tools
  - automatic mail archive by keeing an address in CC
  - only a few words to describe how it went are required at the end

There is no longer any need to send mails in to front desk, write an essay
about the applicant, etc.

Time commitment

You should expect to spend a couple of hours per week for each application,
depending how responsive the applicant is. To begin with, you'll only be
assigned one applicant at a time - after the first, you can choose to
increase that if it suits you.

Ideally applications are completed within one to three months, but it's not
always possible. If the applicant is unresponsive, another application can
be assigned to you instead.


You must be a Debian Developer. Whilst we need both uploading and
non-uploading DDs to be application managers, only uploading AMs can handle
uploading applicants, and they are the overwhelming majority of

Next steps

Being an application manager is rewarding and satisfying. You will meet
applicants from a whole range of backgrounds, experiences and skills and
you will frequently learn something new.

To take the next step, please mail Front Desk (nm@debian.org).


For front desk:
Jonathan Wiltshire                                      jmw@debian.org
Debian Developer                         http://people.debian.org/~jmw

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