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lists.alioth.debian.org migration scheduled for 13th/14th April


According to the plan outlined in our previous update[1] to extend
the life of @lists.alioth.debian.org lists, the alioth lists migration
team <admin@alioth-lists.debian.net> will shortly migrate lists which
have opted in to a new server. Please see the previous announcement
for full details of the plan.

The migration will commence in the evening of Friday 13th April,
with the current email system being taken offline to facilitate a
final copy of opted in lists. After this time, lists not opted in
will not function. All such lists have received individual notice of the
shutdown within the past week.

The final copy is expected to run overnight, with final checks and
DNS changes happening the following morning, Saturday 14th April
(European times). Once this happens, mail for opted-in lists should
resume flowing, having been queued on remote systems for the
migration period.

The new system will support email sent to @lists.alioth.debian.org as
well as its own domain @alioth-lists.debian.net, so no immediate changes
are needed to use the new system.

We will actively monitor the system for the period immediately following the
migration for any problems, but If you have any queries or concerns
about the migration, or the service after migration is complete, please
contact the team at <admin@alioth-lists.debian.net> or drop into
#alioth-lists on irc.debian.org.


[1] <https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2018/01/msg00003.html>

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