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Debian Policy released

Hello everyone,

I just pushed Debian Policy to sid.  Thank you to the ~20 people
who contributed to this release, which includes several first time
contributors of patches.

Here are the normative changes from the previously announced version of
Policy (4.1.3):

    The ``get-orig-source`` rules target has been removed.  Packages
    should use ``debian/watch`` and uscan instead.

    The part of the version number after the epoch must not be reused
    for a version of the package with different contents, even after
    the version of the package previously using that part of the
    version number is no longer present in any archive suites.

    For non-native packages, the upstream version must not be reused
    for different upstream source code, so that for each source
    package name and usptream version number there exists exactly one
    original source archive contents.

    If ``/etc/staff-group-for-usr-local`` does not exist,
    ``/usr/local`` and all subdirectories created by packages should
    have permissions 0755 and be owned by ``root:root``.  If the file
    exists, the old permissions of 2775 and ownership of root:staff
    should remain.

Sean Whitton

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