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Debian Policy released

Hello everyone,

Debian Policy is on its way into unstable.

The source of the Policy Manual is now in reStructuredText, and the
Sphinx toolchain is used to produce our output formats.  This has
enabled us to introduce new ePub and Texinfo output formats, so it's now
more comfortable to read Policy on the beach, and in Emacs.

Many thanks to Hideki Yamane for writing the rST conversion scripts and
pushing the project forward, and David Bremner for help proofreading.
Russ Allbery and I updated the build system.

We are seeking volunteers to design a Debian documentation Sphinx
theme.  The maintainers of other core pieces of Debian documentation are
also looking to move to Sphinx, so such a theme would see wide use.

Here are the changes from the previously announced version of Policy

    Non-default alternative dependencies on non-free packages are
    permitted for packages in main.

    If upstream provides OpenPGP signatures, including the upstream
    signing key as debian/upstream/signing-key.asc in the source
    package and using the pgpsignurlmangle option in
    debian/watch configuration to indicate how to find the upstream
    signature for new releases is recommended.

    Packages should build reproducibly when certain factors are held
    constant; see 4.15 for the list.

    Packages are recommended to build reproducibly even when build
    paths and most environment variables are allowed to vary.

    Only the dynamic linker may install files to /lib64/.

    No package for a 64 bit architecture may install files to
    /usr/lib64/ or any subdirectory.

    The required behaviour of x-terminal-emulator -e has been
    clarified, and updated to replace a false claim about the
    behaviour of xterm.

    Programs must support `-e command` where command may include
    multiple arguments, which must be executed as if the arguments
    were passed to execvp directly, bypassing the shell.

    If this execution fails and -e has a single argument,
    xterm's fallback behaviour of passing command to the shell
    is permitted but not required.

Sean Whitton

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