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Qt 4 removal in Debian testing (Buster)/unstable

We [have been] [announcing] [it]: we are going to remove Qt 4 during the 
Buster cycle.

Or at least that's the best outcome we can expect. Removing a very highly used 
library is hard, as Qt4's Webkit has proved. Qt 4 is long dead upstream and we 
have already started to need to patch it with untested patches as in the 
OpenSSL 1.1 case (will be in experimental in a few hours after this post).

We will try to put as less effort as possible in keeping it alive meaning that 
from now on if we need to patch it to make it support a newer lib or alike we 
will simply remove it's support if possible. Using the OpenSSL case as an 
example, if we need to support any version > 1.1 we will simply remove the SSL 
support. That means things will break.

So, if you depend on FLOSS which is still based on Qt 4 be sure to try to port 
it. If you depend on a proprietary vendor software which uses Qt 4 then you 
better start telling them it's really time to update it. Really.

We will soon start filing bugs against packages using Qt 4 (prior to proper 
announce in debian devel).

For the Qt/KDE team, Lisandro.

[have been] <http://perezmeyer.blogspot.com.ar/2014/11/early-announce-qt4-removal-in-jessie1.html>

[announcing] <http://perezmeyer.blogspot.com.ar/2015/05/qt4s-status-and-qt4s-webkit-removal-in.html>

[it] <http://perezmeyer.blogspot.com.ar/2015/05/the-last-planned-qt-4-release-is-here.html>

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