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Debian Policy released

Hello everyone,

Debian Policy is on its way into unstable.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this release possible,
especially those at DebCamp.  I'm pleased to announce that Margarita
Manterola's maintscript flowcharts have made their way into the Policy
Manual as a new appendix, which should make them much easier to find.

Here are the changes from the previously announced version of Policy

A.2. Version 4.0.1

   Released August, 2017.


           Priorities are now used only for controlling which packages are
           part of a minimal or standard Debian installation and should be
           selected based on functionality provided directly to users (so
           nearly all shared libraries should have a priority of optional).
           Packages may now depend on packages with a lower priority.

           The extra priority has been deprecated and should be treated as
           equivalent to optional. All extra priorities should be changed to
           optional. Packages with a priority of optional may conflict with
           each other (but packages that both have a priority of standard or
           higher still may not conflict).


           New section documenting the Testsuite field in Debian source
           control files.


           Shared libraries must now invoke ldconfig by means of triggers,
           instead of maintscripts.


           Packages are recommended to use debhelper tools instead of
           invoking update-rc.d and invoke-rc.d directly.


           Policy's description of how the local system administrator may
           modify the runlevels at which a daemon is started and stopped, and
           how init scripts may depend on other init scripts, have been
           removed. These are now handled by LSB headers.


           Policy's specification of the console messages that should be
           emitted by init.d scripts has been removed. This is now defined by
           LSB, for sysvinit, and is not expected to be followed by other
           init systems.


           Packages installing a Free Desktop entry must not also install a
           Debian menu system entry.


           The prohibition against depending on environment variables for
           reasonable defaults is only for programs on the system PATH and
           only for custom environment variable settings (not, say, a sane

Sean Whitton

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